Season 4 Episode 4

Midnight Ron

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2013 on FXX

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  • Like Stepfather Like Son

    Archer is stranded in Montreal without money or a *** after hilariously burned it while drunkenly hitting on a woman and bragging about how much he didn't need it. Ron Cadillac, his new stepdad, is supposed to see the opera with Malory that night and decides to swing by Montreal to pick up Sterling in the hopes of bonding. They begin their trek down to New York but not before getting shot at by people trying to run Ron off the road and steal a suitcase full of money he has. Ron's backstory is kind of cool how he used to steal cars back in the war and then opened up his own shop that got busted and then he used his crew's stash (he was the only one that got out of being arrested) to open up his first car dealership and how every year he delivers the money to his guys on the inside for their years behind bars while he's free. How Archer knew it was Fat Mike who kept hiring the guys to steal from Ron was weird and Malory's referring to Ron as "the most boring-ist man on Earth" was in stark contrast to actuality. After the car crashes Archer and Ron get a detour when they get on a semi-truck driven by a guy in a woman's BDSM suit and they're then taken into a warehouse where it looks like according to Archer, "they're all filming some sort of ultra rapey snuff All of them decked in bondage wear was disturbing and their chase of Archer and Ron puts them a on a train and they jump off in Catskill where Ron has a dealership. They make it back to NYC in time for Ron to make it to the opera and just to piss off Malory Archer drops him off much to the chagrin of Malory. Ron's commenting on Malory and Archer's relationship is spot on and how Norman Bates it kind of is. The gag early in the episode where Archer is transferred to everyone in ISIS to ask for one thousand dollars as a loan to get himself out of Montreal was nice seeing all o their reactions even Woodhouse, who stole the episode yet again with his disheartening monologue about how no one else would ever take him in. Archer forcing him to eat a bowl of spider webs and hearing Woodhouse's crying off screen was one of the best parts of the episode. Getting to know Ron better was a nice add on to this season since before now he was just "that guy that married Malory and that Archer doesn't