Season 4 Episode 4

Midnight Ron

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2013 on FXX



  • Trivia

    • After Ron picks up Archer in Montreal, they drive south to New York State and as they approach the Blackpool Canada/US border crossing connecting to Interstate 87 (displayed a few minutes later in the episode), the attachment on top of the "Canada United States Border" sign says they are crossing the 49th parallel.This is a major goof based on the common misconception that the Canada/US border is the 49th parallel. The border between Canada and the United States only runs along the 49th parallel in Western Canada - west from the Lake of the Woods in western Ontario. East of the Lake of the Woods, the border is actually much further south than the 49th parallel - Montreal actually sits on the 45th parallel, and the Blackpool border crossing is even further south, at 44�59′N.In order for Ron and Archer to cross the 49th parallel, they would have to drive far north of Montreal, completely away from the Canada/US border.

    • In the phone booth that Archer telephones from at the Montreal Casino, the advertisement behind him reads, "VACATION - It's Never Out of Season." This advertisement would not be allowed in Quebec, as it is only in English, contrary to Quebec law.

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  • Notes

    • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Chad Hurd (Associate Art Director), Jon Bass (Background Director), TJ Buford (Illustration Director), Robert Paraguassu (3D Animation Director)
      Mark Parsons (Lead Animator), Mark Paterson (Senior Animator), Thomas Weiser (Senior Animator), Marcus Rosentrater (Senior Animator)
      Chris Appel (3D Animator), Andrea Sipl (3D Animator), Wes Parham (3D Animator), Julian St. Pierre (3D Animator)
      Adam Toews (Lead Illustrator), Kelton Hamm (Senior Illustrator), Jason Li (Senior Illustrator), Dan Murdoch (Senior Illustrator), Ron States (Senior Illustrator)
      Ji Li (Background Designer)
      April Babcock (Illustrator), Myke Chapman (Illustrator), Chelsey Cline (Illustrator), Alexandra Coward (Illustrator), Leonard Destefano (Illustrator), David Kuettel (Illustrator), Beth Lewis (Illustrator), Shannon Manor (Illustrator), Jennifer Montes (Illustrator), Merritt Pedrick (Illustrator), Ploy Rojanavipat (Illustrator), Stephen Slesinski (Illustrator), Robin Stanberry (Illustrator), Dominike Stanton (Illustrator), Tedwood Strong (Illustrator), Kyna Taylor (Illustrator), Jorge Velez (Illustrator), Fernando Vazquez (Illustrator), E. Michael Walker (Illustrator), Jason Walling (Illustrator), Chris Westgate (Illustrator), Eric Warren (Illustrator), Chaz Zoubek (Illustrator)
      Justin Kennedy (Assistant Manager), Jamie Moss (Assistant Manager)
      Kat Shea (Costumes & Styling)
      Scott Sims (Theme Song)
      Michael Kohler (Sound Design & Mix)
      Pierre Cerrato (Animatic Editor)
      Neal Biggs (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Cody Cobler (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Chad Koerner (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Jim Lammers (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Andy Lozano (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Lane Meister (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Mason Rhoades (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Chad Risner (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Mary Shields (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Matt Tyree (3D Modeling & Backgrounds)

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