Season 2 Episode 7

Movie Star

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2011 on FXX
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When a famous movie actress wants to research her new role in a spy thriller, she comes to ISIS. Lana is initially reluctant to let her tag along, but decides she wants to when she realizes it will make Archer jealous. Meanwhile, Malory tries to write her own spy thriller with Cyril's help.


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  • Hollywood Invasion

    Lana tutors a Hollywood movie actress who is starring in a spy thriller. Initially she doesn't want to do it but Archer's wanting to bed the actress changes her mind. Malory and Cyril take advantage of the actress's contacts and write their own spy thriller which gets green lit despite being brazenly racist. Archer gets bored and takes a counter sniper mission when the KGB is going to try to take out the Soviet premier and a sudden twist changes the mission when Lana goes on it with the actress as well. Very funny episode with a lot of the "oh no they didn't just go there" humor that Archer does so well.moreless
Heaven MacPherson

Heaven MacPherson


Guest Star

Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts


Guest Star

Casey Willis

Casey Willis


Guest Star

George Coe

George Coe


Recurring Role

Adam Reed (I)

Adam Reed (I)

Ray Gillette

Recurring Role

Neal Holman

Neal Holman

Brett Buckley

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The studio head's voice on the phone is the same voice that comes out of Jakov's assistant's voice modulator.

    • Brett gets shot for the third time in the series, with the previous two times in early season one.

    • Actress Rona Thorne's has starred in The Cost of Ivory, where she battles ivory poachers, River's Rage, where she battles a flood, and Consumed, where she battles tuberculosis.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Cyril: A spy comedy? Because that has been done.

    • Archer: How could she pick Lana over me?
      Woodhouse: The mind fairly boggles.
      Archer: Exactly. Wait, was that sarcasm?
      Woodhouse: No, sir.
      Archer: Good, because your opinion matters. And since you seem unclear on the concept, that WAS sarcasm.
      Woodhouse: Well played, Sir.
      Archer: Thank you. (Long pause) Thank you.

    • Lana: Well, if your aunt had balls, she'd be your uncle.

    • Archer: There's a sniper out there whose bullet could spark World War III and you idiots are tying up ISIS resources on high school bullshit?
      Ray: No!
      Pam & Cheryl: Yes.
      Archer: Cause I don't really see a downside to that, Archer-wise. Here, load up. Should be a big box of grenades here somewhere.

    • Rona: You just have to find the right guy, who's not intimidated by your power.
      Lana: Or my twin TEC-9s.
      Rona: Or those big steam shovely scoops you call hands...

    • Cheryl: Sophomore year at my stupid college, I had a huge crush on the quarterback, this super-hot guy named Dick Sledge... It was like I was invisible. He wouldn't even sign my cast when I broke my own arm, but I thought, if I knew what he liked, then I'd have an in, so one Saturday, when he had a game, I broke into his dorm room, to see what kind of music he was into, or turtles, or roll around in his clothes, or whatever, but...
      Pam: But you were so busy sniffing his jock, you didn't hear him come in?
      Cheryl: Because he totally snuck up on me! Then I guess I blacked out because I don't remember stabbing him at all...
      Pam: What!? Why did you have a knife!?
      Cheryl: I didn't! It was a stupid pair of scissors! And it was his fault for grabbing me with his throwing hand! That's how his tendon got severed...
      Pam: Holy shit snacks.
      Cheryl: Yeah. They said he could have gone pro.
      Ray: So... glossing over why you broke your own arm...
      Cheryl: So he'd sign my cast...

    • Archer: She's gonna wish I was never born!
      Krieger: Just gonna softball it in like that?

    • Pam: Oh, come on! Haven't you ever snooped on somebody you thought was dreamy?
      Ray: No! Well, except Randy Muckler, who, turns out, was just leading me on to get out of the draft, so I made a phone call to the draft board and now who's laughing Mr. Hooks-For-Hands!? Pam:Did...
      Ray: A booby trap blew his arms off. They said it was in a coconut!

    • Archer: (Attempting to instruct Rona on the firing range) You're all rigid and stiff, which you know, I'm all for - rim shot - but not on the range. You gotta relax, let your weapon be an extension of your body. (Fires at target)
      Rona: Oh my god. (Bullet holes on target make a smiley face)
      Archer: Oh, I meant to make a frowny face. But hey, speaking of your body, and my body, and stiffness...

    • Lana: At least that time you fired downrange.
      Rona: And oh my god, seriously, I am so really super sorry about that.
      Brett: Totally my fault.
      Rona: Please go buy yourself a new suit at Bergdorf's and send the bill to my manager.
      Brett: I will take you up on that...right after I go to the hospital.
      Rona: Oh my god, if I, like, possessed the capacity to be embarrassed...
      Lana: Eh, I shouldn't have started you off with a fully auto.

    • Cop: You! Get your freaking hands up!
      Cheryl: You're not my supervisor!
      Pam: Shut up, we're gonna go to prison.
      Cheryl: No, we're not. Say the right stuff and they just send you to a mental hospital for ten months.
      Ray: I, just this second, realized why you do macrame instead of knitting.
      Cheryl: Yeah, no sharp objects on the ward. They were super strict about that.

    • Rona: Kelp tape! It's amazing. These, like, kung fu monks make this fifty-foot tape like a cloth measuring tape, but it's kelp! And you swallow it over, like, three days, and you start to, you know, pass it, then you slowly, slowly pull it out of you over three more days...
      Lana: Wait, what?
      Rona: And it pulls all the toxins out of your body and you just feelsoo clean.
      Archer:Oh yeah? While you're tangled up in a half-mile of shit-covered tape? Freaking actresses.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Jeff Fastner (Associate Art Director)
      Eric Sims (Background Director), Chad Hurd (Illustration Director)
      Mark Parsons (Lead Animator)
      TJ Buford (Lead Illustrator)
      Claire Almon (Illustrator), Jon Bass (Illustrator), Rod Ben (Illustrator), Pierre Cerrato (Illustrator), Myke Chapman (Illustrator), Chi Duong (Illustrator), Jonathan Floyd (Illustrator), Kelton Hamm (Illustrator), Tariq Hassan (Illustrator), Jason Li (Illustrator), Ji Li (Illustrator), Reese Lloyd (Illustrator), Dan Murdoch (Illustrator), Merritt Pedrick (Illustrator), Ramida Rojanavipat (Illustrator), Kat Shea (Illustrator), Ron States (Illustrator), Katie Stockton (Illustrator), Adam Toews (Illustrator)
      Scott Sims (Theme Song)
      Michael Kohler (Music & Sound)
      Kat Shea (Costumes & Styling)
      Neal Biggs (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Cody Cobler (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Justin Hoover (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Chad Koerner (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Jim Lammers (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Mary Shields (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Matt Tyree (3D Modeling & Backgrounds)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: June 14, 2011 on 5*

    • Creator Adam Reed realized after writing this episode that the plot bore some resemblance to the movie Salt, which was about to come out at the time, but this reference was unintentional.


    • Karl Malden
      Jakov's assistant: (To Jakov) Is my new favorite device of ever. (Uses voice modulator) I mean it! With the schnoz and the comb-over, you're a dead ringer for Karl Malden!
      Karl Malden was an American actor whose work spanned seven decades. Some of his films include A Streetcar Named Desire and Patton. Jakov does bear a slight resemblance to him.

    • Infomercials
      Archer: But that's not all! If you order now, you'll also receive...
      Archer is using a line commonly used on TV infomercials in order to sell more product.

    • Superstars/Joe Frazier
      Pam: (About forgetting porn in the VCR) You rub one out, flip back to regular TV, Superstars is on, and all of sudden here's Joe Frazier's dumbass drowning, you forget it's in there... until mom and dad come to visit to tell you she's got Lou Gehrig's disease...
      Superstars was a multi-sport competition show, recorded in 1973 and broadcast in the 1970s and 80s. There were ten sporting events, and athletes were not allowed to compete in the sport they played professionally. Heavyweight champion boxer Joe Frazier almost drowned in the first event, which was swimming. When he was rescued, he admitted that he didn't know how to swim.

    • Count Dracula/Count Chocula
      Archer calls the tech Count Snack-ula, a pun on the iconic character Count Dracula, first described by Bram Stoker in his 1897 novel Dracula. It is also a possible play on Count Chocula, the name of a popular brand of cereal.

    • Invasion of the Body Snatchers
      Ray: Little Miss Invasion of the Privacy Snatchers!
      This is a reference to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, a 1956 sci-fi film (and later a 1978 remake) about a group of people who discover that the human race is being replaced with alien clones, devoid of emotion.

    • The Bullwinkle Show
      Archer: What voice is that? Is that from Bullwinkle?
      Archer is referring to The Bullwinkle Show, a TV show from the 1960s. The title character had a comical dopey-sounding voice.

    • Mandingo
      Malory and Cyril end up writing a sequel to Mandingo, which is a 1975 lurid historical drama about an 1840s plantation. It was heavily criticized for having excessive sex scenes, and many critics labeled it racist as well.