Season 4 Episode 6

Once Bitten

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2013 on FXX
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Archer receives a venomous snake bite while on a mission to the desert country of Turkmenistan with Ray and Cyril.

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  • Once Bitten

    This week's episode of Archer was one of its finest this season and was a bit of a one-shot, seeing part of the gang in the field on an important mission. Archer, Gillette, and Cyril are in Turkmenistan on a mission to pay a saboteur to destroy oil rigging that belongs to the Soviets. The episode starts with them out in the desert with a broken down jeep. Archer is of course drunk and when he goes to take a dump behind a rock he is bitten in the taint by a poisonous snake. With him incapacitated and going pale with hallucinations near death Gillette tries to get the jeep out of the rut. Amusingly, he uses his new bionic legs but lifts with his back and so throws it out leaving Cyril in charge of finding a cure for Archer. Archer trying to get either of them to such the venom out was really funny. Back at ISIS Lana is angry that she is out of the loop on the mission and if she knew of the oil part of it she would be angry (which Malory guessed correctly). We got to see more of Krieger, which is always a plus, doing weird things and helping facilitate the mission from the ISIS control room. Archer, Cyril, and Gillette get found by natives and are welcomed into a hut while Archer is in his own dream world. Cyril and Gillette try vigorously to explain what happened to Archer. Malory had said earlier the Prime Minister had changed so many words in the Turkmenistanese language to correspond with the name of his dog that the natives are often confused. Cyril then tries to draw a picture that looks more like a penis, and then Gillette draws a perfectly shaded picture which gets Archer the anti-venom for a price of 25,000 of their 100,000 to pay the saboteur. Cyril and Gillette decide to split the rest of the money since the whole oil destroying thing is kind of a douche-international thing to meddle even the only Malory would put them up to. I wish they would have more one-shot mission episodes like this as it gives us a chance to see characters interact more in an isolated environment than just simply at ISIS headquarters, but otherwise a very solid, funny episode and must better than most other episodes so far this season.moreless
Casey Willis

Casey Willis


Guest Star

Peter Serafinowicz

Peter Serafinowicz

Cut-Rate James Mason / Turkman Leader / Archer's Father

Special Guest Star

Adam Reed (I)

Adam Reed (I)

Ray Gillette

Recurring Role

Lucky Yates

Lucky Yates

Doctor Krieger

Recurring Role

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    • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Chad Hurd (Associate Art Director), Jon Bass (Background Director), TJ Buford (Illustration Director), Robert Paraguassu (3D Animation Director)
      Mark Parsons (Lead Animator), Mark Paterson (Senior Animator), Thomas Weiser (Senior Animator), Marcus Rosentrater (Senior Animator)
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      Justin Kennedy (Assistant Manager), Jamie Moss (Assistant Manager)
      Kat Shea (Costume & Styling)
      Ollie Patterson (Saxophone Arrangement)
      Michael Kohler (Sound Design & Mix)
      Scott Simms (Theme Song)
      Pierre Cerrato (Animatic Editor)
      Neal Biggs (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Cody Cobler (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Chad Koerner (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Jim Lammers (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Andy Lozano (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Mason Rhoades (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Lane Meister (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Chad Risner (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Mary Shields (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Matt Tyree (3D Modeling & Backgrounds)


    • "Sterling, will you be the best there ever was in the game?," refers to the shooting of former Chicago Cub (later Philadelphia Philly) first basemen Eddie Waitkus by stalker fan Ruth Ann Steinhagen.

      This tragedy inspired both Bernard Malamud's 1952 book and Robert Redford's 1984 movie.