Season 2 Episode 4

Pipeline Fever

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2011 on FXX
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ISIS has to protect an oil pipeline from being destroyed by an environmental activist. Archer and Lana travel into the marshes to try to stop the terrorist from destroying the pipeline and the surrounding environment. Of course, Archer and Lana working together can be a disaster in itself. Back at ISIS headquarters, Malory is trying to cut their energy expenses by going green. The problem is that some members are adjusting worse than others.


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  • Bayou Barbecue

    Archer and Lana are sent to New Orleans to stop an eco terrorist from blowing up a natural gas pipeline and end up in some trouble. At ISIS the rest of the office tries to go green by installing new light-bulbs and toilets and the like. Hilarity ensues as we learn how Lana came to be an ISIS agent and Archer lives out a Burt Reynolds' fantasy by somewhat reenacting "Gator." This episode may not have been as funny as previous episodes as they seem to be in the habit of recycling jokes but the relationship between Lana and Archer and Malory's genuine disregard for the environment and everyone's feelings at large makes this show largely worth watching, and the non-sequiturs never hurt either for a flavor of humor.moreless
Mike Schatz

Mike Schatz


Guest Star

Robb Pruitt

Robb Pruitt

Joshua Gray

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Adam Reed (I)

Adam Reed (I)

Ray Gillette

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Lucky Yates

Lucky Yates

Doctor Krieger

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    • Lana: But Josh, seriously, do you really think the ends justify such violent means?
      Joshua Gray: Yes! Because this is a war. And victory will only come when Americans stop destroying the Earth just so they can drive bigger cars, build bigger houses, and eat bigger food. Lana: So, like, never.
      Joshua Gray: Yeah...oh my god, that's depressing.

    • Archer: (About a beer-filled cooler) A rainbow should shoot out every time you open it.

    • Lana: I'm serious, Archer. If you don't slow down...
      Archer: I'll keep feeling this incredibly vibrant and alive?
      Lana: Yeah, right up until you blow the damn engine, so...
      Archer: LANA! I am NOT gonna BLOW the... (Engine blows,Lana clears her throat)
      Archer: Yeah, try clearing your throat about a gillion more times, Lana, see if that helps. (Lana clears her throat, louder)
      Archer: No? Nothing?

    • Archer: (Driving airboat) Seriously, Lana, this must be what it's like to have sex with me.
      Lana: How can an airboat be selfish?

    • Lana: He's attacked nuclear power plants, hydroelectric dams, whaling ships...
      Archer: Whaling ships? What, he's against clean-burning lamp oil?

    • Flight Attendant: Sir, can you find your seat for me?
      Archer: Uh, yeah. It's right there. Can you go find some more hurricanes for me?

    • Archer: She gets dinner in Dixieland and laid. And I get mosquitoes and no beer and not laid. How could this get any...(Alligator grunts) LET ME FINISH... worse. You ruined it. You ruined the moment.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Jeff Fastner (Associate Art Director)
      Eric Sims (Background Director), Chad Hurd (Illustration Director)
      Mark Parsons (Lead Animator)
      TJ Buford (Lead Illustrator)
      Claire Almon (Illustrator), Jon Bass (Illustrator), Rod Ben (Illustrator), Pierre Cerrato (Illustrator), Myke Chapman (Illustrator), Chi Duong (Illustrator), Jonathan Floyd (Illustrator),
      Kelton Hamm (Illustrator), Tariq Hassan (Illustrator), Jason Li (Illustrator), Ji Li (Illustrator), Reese Lloyd (Illustrator), Brian McGee (Illustrator), Dan Murdoch (Illustrator), Merritt Pedrick (Illustrator), Kat Shea (Illustrator), Ron States (Illustrator), Katie Stockton (Illustrator), Adam Toews (Illustrator)
      Jasmine Alyce (Assistant Manager)
      Scott Sims (Theme Song)
      Michael Kohler (Music & Sound)
      Kat Shea (Costumes & Styling)
      Neal Biggs (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Cody Cobler (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Justin Hoover (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Chad Koerner (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Jim Lammers (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Mary Shields (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Matt Tyree (3D Modeling & Backgrounds)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: May 24, 2011 on 5*


    • Amos n' Andy
      Archer: Back then, Hollywood was pretty weird about the whole race thing. Like Amos and Andy were white. Amos n' Andy was a popular radio/TV sitcom from the 1920s to the 50s. On the original radio show, the two main African-American characters were voiced by two white men. However, on the television adaptation, the characters were played by black actors.

    • Charlie Chan
      Archer: A white guy played Charlie Chan.
      Charlie Chan is a fictional Chinese-American detective who originally appeared in novels by Earl Derr Biggers starting in 1923. The first film adaptations were made with Asian actors, but were unsuccessful. The films made large gains in popularity when the Swedish actor Warner Oland took the lead role, and several other non-Asian actors played Chan in later films as well.

    • The Lord of the Rings
      The eco-terrorist is nicknamed Gandalf, and Archer calls him both "Samwise" and "Treebeard." All are character names from the books/films The Lord of the Rings.

    • The Lone Ranger
      Archer: Pretty sure Tonto was a Jew. Tonto is a fictional character who was the Native American companion of the Lone Ranger, of radio/TV/film fame. Neither the radio actor (John Todd) or the television actor (Jay Silverheels) were Jewish, and Silverheels was actually a Canadian Mohawk Indian. However, Archer may be referring to Jon Lovitz, a Jewish actor/comedian who portrayed Tonto in a few sketches on the comedy show Saturday Night Live.

    • The African Queen
      Archer calls Lana The African Queen, referring to the 1951 Katharine Hepburn film of the same name (adapted from a 1935 novel). As Lana points out, "African Queen" was the name of the boat.

    • The Lorax
      When Archer is talking about environmentalists complaining about people killing "one lousy Lorax," this refers to the children's book The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. The book warns of the environmental dangers of industrialization. The story follows a man who builds his company until he ends up destroying a whole forest, despite multiple warnings from the Lorax, who "speaks for the trees."

    • Burt Reynolds
      Archer mentions the Burt Reynolds movies White Lightning, Gator, and Deliverance. His outfits and the setting also reflect these references.

    • Where the Red Fern Grows
      When the man renting airboats realizes his dog Annie is dead, and the grave of "Old Dan" is shown, this is a reference to the book/movie Where the Red Fern Grows. There is even a red fern growing next to the grave.