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  • Never laughed so hard!

    As one reviewer stated, Who wouldn't want to be Archer? James Bond meets Dumb and Dumber. Hard drinking like Bond but dumb as an eggplant and as funny as Woody Allen in his slapstick days (think Bananas, Sleeper) This is the funniest show on TV without a doubt. Hard to believe the development between the character personalities is animated. Fantastic writing throughout all seasons. Can;t wait for more seasons! Highest recommendation, but not for kids
  • Possibley the Greatest Animated Comedy ever

    When I first saw previews for Archer, I thought it looked fairly humorous, but I had no intentions of actually picking the show up. I assumed, much like Family Guy, all of the jokes would be in the promos, and the rest of the series would leave a sour taste in my mouth. Then my buddy brought over the season one DVD (this was probably a month after the release of said DVD), and I figured "What the hell, it's worth a

    Jesus God, I fell in love. Every little moment of this show is comedy gold, from the clever dialogue coming from just about every character, to the insane characters themselves (looking at you, Carol... . The animation team does a great job making the show look beautiful, and the use of an ambiguous time period makes this show all the more interesting.

    If you're wondering whether or not you want to watch this show; just watch it....
  • TOP SHOWS - Bizarre spies, love it!

    Most ep (12-14) ONLINE, FX
  • Wooooooo!

    Fantastic show, and easily one of the best comedies on tv, animated or otherwise. Ignore the rubes that clearly don't get it, and ignore the profanity police- their opinions are disposable. This show is irreverent, fresh, and boasts a killer cast (Coach McGuirk, anyone?). Check it out if you're even slightly interested!
  • Vice.

    Although it took me the entire first season to get into, Archer is stupidly hilarious. The quirky characters and dark, albeit mainly potty-based humour, is what makes you latch onto this show. All of the characters are somewhat annoying, however Archer (arguably the stupidest on the show) is also the most enjoyable and funny. The first 4 seasons were great, however this newest fifth season dubbed Archer Vice is the lowest yet. It has given major leads to characters like Pam, who was an interesting character during the first 4 seasons with various strange and awesome character traits (underground boxing, Yakuza street racing, etc, however is now the most annoying character on television. I've been hoping she gets shot to death in every episode of season 5, but so far no luck. Every episode so far she has screwed every plan up and the "gang" continues to let it slide. She has made me question whether I should continue watching or not. And Cheryl, who is now a country singer, continues to squawk non-stop, but now she does it singing country songs (KILL ME), being even more insane and idiotic than before. I really doubt the creators intentions with these choices, and hope they get their act together. I can't see how anyone could like this show anymore for these monsters they've created.
  • What man doesn't want to be Archer

    Sterling Archer has a huge ego complex, believing he is the greatest secret agent ever, and Gods gift to women, he is also dealing with unbelievable mother issues (it doesn't help that his mother is his boss at the agency) and working with and going on missions with his ex girlfriend. His father is head of the KGB and the doctor/scientist at ISIS is a coked up ex Nazi.. This show is full of violence, curse words, drugs, everything you could imagine to make it one hell of a show.
  • Welcome to the Danger Zooooone !

    That show is crazy.

    The characters are funny.

    The situations are stupidly funny.

    And it doesn't bother to sugar code anything.

    And that fifth season is so delicious with that vice twist and more craziness than ever.

    I just regret some lining problems when characters are moving, its really obvious that each part of the bodies are separated and sometimes wierdly animated. But, it doesn't change how awesome Sterling and the others are.

    One of the best shows ever...

    I love this show but the use of the words GOD D***IT has got to be use ALOT less or not at all preferably!!! I seriously cringe every time I hear it and I am considering not watching anymore for this reason ONLY!!! The episode tonight was the worst ever, I lost count after 15, thats not even right!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make this change, I know I can't be the only one to feel this way. the show will still be hiliarious without it, no one will notice!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Archer! TAKE 2!

    I'm a pretty big fan of Archer, it's different and original. Plus there are some exceptional characters. People who are so "out there" that they seem real. Even Kreiger, the supposed clone of hitler, seems to be a real person not just a set of characteristics. This shows that the writing is v Good. Not just funny but adept.

    Now they've twisted the format! A reboot if you will. Archer Vice! Yes, yes and yes. What was the earlier series missing? Cocaine, drug deals going wrong, a skinny, drug dependent Pam, Pregnant Lana and Cheryl as a country singer. It's like the writers said: "How can we make the show even more balls out crazy?" then someone proposed that they add a few tons of cocaine to the mix. Boom! A new series is born! I will watch this show until the mountains turn to sand or until Cheryl gets a platinum disk, whichever comes first........

  • good show

    it had me dieing every time i watched it
  • Piece of garbage

    This is basically the most boring animated show. Lame plot, slow pace, pseudo humour. Stay AWAY from this garbage.
  • Even the lesser episodes are chocked with hilarity

    The show has clever writing, filled with esoteric references, as well as pretty common ones. It, like many shows of it's ilk, isn't for everyone. The humor is pitch black and often hilariously mean spirited. The voice acting is phenomenal and the animation is cool. If you enjoyed Frisky Dingo Season1, Archer is very similar, only more restrained, and IMHO much better.
  • Possibly the Greatest Animated Comedy of Ever

    When I first saw previews for Archer, I thought it looked fairly humorous, but I had no intentions of actually picking the show up. I assumed, much like Family Guy, all of the jokes would be in the promos, and the rest of the series would leave a sour taste in my mouth. Then my buddy brought over the season one DVD (this was probably a month after the release of said DVD), and I figured "What the hell, it's worth a

    Jesus God, I fell in love. Every little moment of this show is comedy gold, from the clever dialogue coming from just about every character, to the insane characters themselves (looking at you, Carol... . The animation team does a great job making the show look beautiful, and the use of an ambiguous time period makes this show all the more interesting.

    If you're wondering whether or not you want to watch this show; just watch it.
  • When season 5 coming out?

    ~I really love this show and I want to know when is season 5 coming out
  • A disappointment

    I was excited to watch this show because, for the most part, I really like FX. Which is why I was shocked by how slow and unfunny this show was. The dialogue is awkward and the plot isn't much better. I don't know what type of person would find this show funny, but they must like really dry humor and slow plot development.
  • I love FX

    This show is hilarious. I'm not really into animation (except south park and family guy) but Archer might be one of the funniest shows on tv. Also the show after called Legit is really funny. I think FX is just really good at making their shows be genuine instead of trying to appease everybody like on network shows. I saw this article today about Legit how it and archer are both hilarious and original.
  • i hope

    one of the best show that we have right now and i hope that the cast can make more seasons
  • Confused

    I don't know what to make of this show.

    I really like the art style, that's probably the reason why I'm still watching it.

    Sometimes it's very funny, sometimes it feels ridiculously dumb. The characters are interesting, but the main character is strange. One time he's the best shooter, the next he totally sucks. One time he's smart, the next he's dumb as a tin can.

    I like the mature theme. But that's confusing as well. For example they show scenes with two characters having sex, but they won't show a female nipples... And they freely talk about anal sex, but they have that beep sound over the word fuck... which is hypocrisy at it's best, unless that's some joke that I'm not getting.

    All in all, I'm still confused, but I'll probably keep watching it.... at least for now.
  • One of my Favorites

    This has to be one of my favorite adult animated series and it seems like the seasons are too short.

    I am waiting to see what Sterling will get himself into this season.
  • Excellent

    Archer is a great show, but something weird happened last season. it just wasn't the same. the artwork was different and it wasn't quite as funny as the first 2 seasons. Still for comedy, there's nothing I'd rather watch, so i hope it get's its groove back. I rate it 10 as it's one of my favorite shows and I've watched the first two seasons 10 times over.
  • Way UNDERated!

    I'm surprised that I do not hear more buzz about this awesome show. The writing is spot on, if a bit esoteric at times, and the lines are delivered with ease by long-time heroes in the comedy world. Anyone who is not an Archer fan is travelling straight into the danger-zone!
  • I find it okay, but way over rated

    Eh, I just don't like it that much. I watched 5 episodes of the show, which were all from different seasons and the only one I really liked was "The Man from Jupiter" (the Season 3 premiere). It's just not that good. I could barely get through the other 4. Just...I don't know. I want to like this show, really I do, but I just don't. Luckily, it doesn't go as overboard as South Park does.
  • Checking the papers for vacancies

    Well, you would, wouldn't you?

    It's an office environment that offers you the opportunity to travel to (dangerous) places that could be quite exotic (and strewn with crazy or alligators), it offers a social hub with an intricate socio-political base (that is often horribly irrational) with co-workers that use their situation efficiently (for back-stabbing (each other)) and consider themselves environmentally friendly (as in, it's still there, isn't it?).

    Archer is a show with adult humour, graphic violence, nudity, sexuality and VAST amounts of substance abuse (particularly alcohol). The animation is based upon cell-shading principles which give a beautiful smooth texture to every frame and, on occasion, has made me wonder if they'd used a spot of motion capture in places... but what really makes this show shine is the dialogue: the writers have been absolutely 100% on top of their game when producing this. This maybe a 'cartoon' but the writing, in and of itself, is on many occasions considerably superior to many live-action shows with voice-acting that really gets what the writers are trying to convey.

    But a 10? Seriously? Why?

    Because it does EXACTLY what it set out to do - I like Family Guy and American Dad et al, but Archer is better, on all accounts. It doesn't try to be anything else. Huzzah!
  • Archer, Stirling Archer

    If James Bond, Barney Stinson and a bottle of scotch had a threeway, Archer would be the lovechild. Not only is this show crass and offensive, it's freaking hilarious!!! I absolutely love ever second of it. If you're easily offended, then maybe just the tip?
  • Archer is Sophisticated, funny, original, cool, and fun to watch. TV-MA LV

    Archer is a hilarious FX TV show about sophisticated, dangerous field agent Sterling Archer, (H. Jon Benjamin) an ISIS agent who everyone hates. His boss is his mother Malory (Jessica Walter), he has a co-worker Lana (Aisha Tyler), a "sex addict" account, Cyril (Chris Parnell), a dumbass ISIS worker, Cheryl of the famous "Tunt" family (Judy Greer), a fat, unappealing sexless woman in human resources, Pam (Amber Nash), An ISIS doctor, Kreeger (Lucky Yates), a Homosexual ex-field agent (before become being paralyzed thanks to Archer), Ray (Adam Reed), and Archer's butler who raised him, Woodhouse (George Coe). When not dealing with his work, Archer deals with his rival company ODEN. Archer also has dealt with paying child support for the Wee Baby Seamus, whose not even his baby, saving Woodhouse from a murderer, being annoyed by a Swiss teenager who likes him, acting gay to kill a homosexual, dealing with a mysterious man for a "Diversity Hire", turning off his mom's dildo, and killing asses who gave him counter fit medication ------- for his breast cancer! It's all happening on Archer!
  • A very tawdry show - it's my guilty pleasure.

    I watch this show when my family isn't home. I don't know if it's the tawdriest show ever, but it's probably high on the list ^_^

    After quite a few shows, they start to give the lower level characters a lot of story time, and they're every bit as messed up and dysfunctional as the main characters. I think Pam and the science guy crack me up the most, even more than Archer. The science guy is in love with his Anime, artificial-intelligence holographic program! I hope they'll somehow figure out how to get married! I think that would add a lot to the show, especially if "she" learns how to nag, or becomes jealous if he ever programs another artificial-intelligence hologram ^_^
  • This is how you get ants

    This show is brilliant. The perfect type of adult humor for anyone. They never even give you time to laugh, the entire show is just a nonstop hilarious conversation. There are no breaks the entire time between the main plot and the sub plots this shows got it going on. Sterling is a hilarious narcissistic bad ass who couldn't make you stop laughing if he tried. This show is the perfect mixture of hilarity and action. Every character will leave you crying, especially Pam, the raunchy gossiping office fatty in HR who can be a cold blooded killer when she needs to be. Overall this is probably the best put together animated comedy I've ever seen and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Top THIS McFarlane!

    ARCHER is great fun to watch with its unique animation style, but it's the WRITING that makes it gold. You can watch it over and over and keep laughing at the often subtle zingers. Having worked in an office environment for many years, I can testify that the office politics is SPOT on. Archer himself is fully loveable, as adept at his craft as Bond, but without the charm. I love Lana too, though I admit I kept hearing Katey Segal when she spoke. Once I looked up Aisha and had a face to the voice, I then was able to block the Segal influence. Swiss Miss is my absolute favorite to date, with Skytanic a close second. Bottom of the list is Double Deuce; well done and entertaining, but strays too far away from the core of the show. I could only give ARCHER 9.5 because I haven't seen full-frontal Lana yet, but give it time... give it time... A TRULY amazing show. A live action adaption would be great, but animation has a soul of its own.
  • Fall on the floor, tears in your eyes adult humor!

    Got young kids in the house? Well give them a cracker and a glass of water, pat them on their blessed knobby little heads and send them off to bed, while you prepare to sit back and laugh yourself into a hemorrhage with your significant other watching the latest installment of 'Archer'!!
    This is perhaps the most screamingly funny thing I've seen on television in years, and perhaps ever. Well produced and howlingly well written, don't you dare miss an episode. Oh, by the way...make sure you have a cover story for the kids when they ask you later on why mommy and daddy were braying like a couple of jackasses the other night. A genuinely funny show!
  • Archer is a secret agent for ISIS. He's the best in the business at field work or is he just been lucky?

    First off, Archer is a jerk. But you come to understand him as we find out how neglected he was by his mother. His Mother was a former Black Ops agent now Director of ISIS operations and Archer's Boss. During her time as Black Ops Archer's Mother, Mallory Sterling. Never had time for Archer. Having placed him in a boarding school at age 6. The Series started with Archer having broken up with the stunning Lana Kane ISIS ofter top field agent. Lana is very competent at her job and takes all assignments seriously. While Archer is a very good field agent. He tends to spend ISIS resources on personal items, accidentally get other agents killed and constantly skirt chase during assignments. But despite all of this Archer so how manages most of the time to complete his assignments. Archer's success is either dumb luck or skill is never made clear. Lana has decided to date Comptroller Cyril Figgis. The type of guy girls date until something better comes along. Cyril is Archer's opposite. He's kind,compassionate , and so what effeminate. The show humor is spot on. So many jokes that you have to rewatch to catch them all. comparisons to Frisky Dingo are bound to pop up. Since this show was created by Adam Reed. However I find that show to be more realistic than Dingo was. It could be that Dingo was a spoof on superheroes and science fiction and Archer is a spoof on spies and thrillers. Either way Archer is the better of the two. But that's just my opinion. All ten episodes are watchable online here at so get it a look.
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