Season 4 Episode 13

Sea Tunt: Part 2

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2013 on FXX

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  • Loose Guns SinkUnderwater Sealabs

    This was a spectacular episode of Archer following up last week's first part of the two parter. I also had no idea that Jon Hamm was the voice of the captain of the submarine demanding stuff about saving the ocean or else he would unleash nerve gas on the East coast of the US. Archer, Lana, Cyril, and Ray all go in disguised as a camera crew to stop his nefarious plan. They make up ludicrous back stories that are way too elaborate to ever be true but Archer regrettably sticks to his anyway. Lana's Sojourner King pseudonym is a nice mixture of Sojourner Truth and possibly Loretta Scott King. They interview the captain while topside Malory continues to look for a bar on the ship after Archer had taken it all in the submergible vehicle they used and Pam offers some grain liquor and we see her pontificate about doomsday if the world ever runs out of oil, which is definitely true. As soon as Lana refused alcohol and was unmistakably sick, also the fact that she admits to not bringing tampons, my season finale meter went off and I knew she was pregnant (one of the most clich things in the book for a season closer). Carol learns that Cecil is actually broke with all of his ludicrous charities that he has established and apologizes for trying to steal Carol's inheritance. While interviewing the captain Lana discovers that he in fact doesn't have any nerve gas missiles and has just gone cuckoo after being underwater on his own for so long. Archer stupidly holds him at gunpoint when any change in pressure would flood the whole complex. Although the bit about Krieger doing the adjustments to ISIS weapons while naked and with a mountain of cocaine next to him was amusing. Archer turns on the safety which of course blows a hole in the complex and they all retreat into a flooding compartment while a soda machine crushes the captain. The captain says that there's only three suits and when Lana is singled out as the one who has to drown and be brought back she reveals her pregnancy and Archer (surprisingly decently) decides to do it in her place. Archer goes under and Lana carries him to the submergible vehicle where she revives him with a defibrillator and when teasing Ray uses it on him and disables the computer chip in his bionic legs. Of course, when they get back to ISIS I'm sure Krieger will be able to fix him in some way because nothing is ever permanent in this show in those terms. But this was an astounding episode of Archer and finally putting people in real danger (although we knew Archer wouldn't really die) is something that this show could learn to do more often. Of course, if the baby isn't Cyril's or Archer's then the story remains to be told that she either got it from a sperm bank on purpose or has met someone and is keeping it a secret. This will be one of the biggest things carrying over into Season 5 but this year has been overall fairly solid. We get to see Pam as a field agent, Woodhouse as a heroin addict, Krieger perform surgery, Brett get shot again, and a lot of awesome field missions (except for the dog one I didn't really like that one very much). In closing, I also am gleeful that the sealab was insured for 3 times its worth which makes Cecil filthy rich again so that means that Eugene Mirman might indeed come back next season in some capacity. Sad to see Jon Hamm's character die so soon though he could've been a good convert agent, I still want to see Conway Stern again since we haven't seen the last of him, according to him that is.