Season 2 Episode 8

Stage Two

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 17, 2011 on FXX



  • Trivia

    • When Cyril mentions spending last night "getting worked over by the cops," Ray's response is, "Fun! Oh, you mean literally." This is a callback to the season one episode Honeypot, where Charles says the exact same line to Archer.

    • The clothes that Woodhouse is wearing when he is about to leave on vacation are the ones that Charles and Rudy gave him in the season one episode Honeypot.

    • Lana asking, "What are you, hourly?" is a callback to the episode The Double Deuce, where Reggie says the same thing of Woodhouse.

  • Quotes

    • Archer: I'm kinda making peace with my loved ones right some other people.

    • Archer: I'm pretty sure ISIS can get you a whole new identity, Cyril!
      Cyril: Wait, no!
      Archer: Yes! You can use one of my old ones! Yes! You're Chet Manly now, how about that?
      Cyril: I don't wanna be Chet Manly!
      Archer: Everybody! Say hello to my friend, Chet Manly.
      Cheryl: (Seductively) Hi...
      Pam: Not a new person.
      Cheryl: SHUT UP! I SAW HIM FIRST!

    • Trinette: (About the baby) Where are you taking him?
      Archer: I dunno. What's he into?

    • Doctor: (Coming out of Archer's surgery) Not too soon for good news, I hope? Oh, and also some very bad news.
      Malory: What's the bad news?
      Doctor: Uh, I have to take a rain check on that drink; I'm on call this weekend.
      Malory: What about Sterling? Ass.
      Doctor: Oh right, that's the good news!
      Lana: What are you, hourly?

    • Cheryl: Do anything fun this weekend? Because I sure did. Friday night was cornhole league and Saturday...
      Malory: If I cared about what you do on the weekend, I'd stick a shotgun in my mouth and pull the trigger with my toes.
      Cheryl:Saturday I watched a building burn down.

    • Trinette: You can't tattoo a frickin' baby!
      Archer: That's what the tattoo guy said. I had to slip him an extra hundred bucks!

  • Notes

    • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Jeff Fastner (Associate Art Director)
      Eric Sims (Background Director), Chad Hurd (Illustration Director)
      Mark Parsons (Lead Animator)
      TJ Buford (Lead Illustrator)
      Claire Almon (Illustrator), Jon Bass (Illustrator), Rod Ben (Illustrator), Pierre Cerrato (Illustrator), Myke Chapman (Illustrator), Chi Duong (Illustrator), Jonathan Floyd (Illustrator), Kelton Hamm (Illustrator), Tariq Hassan (Illustrator), Jason Li (Illustrator), Ji Li (Illustrator), Reese Lloyd (Illustrator), Brian McGee (Illustrator), Dan Murdoch (Illustrator), Merritt Pedrick     (Illustrator), Kat Shea (Illustrator), Ron States (Illustrator), Katie Stockton (Illustrator), Adam Toews (Illustrator), Fernando Vazquez (Illustrator)
      Scott Sims (Theme Song)
      Michael Kohler (Music & Sound)
      Kat Shea (Costumes & Styling)
      Neal Biggs (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Cody Cobler (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Justin Hoover (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Chad Koerner (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Jim Lammers (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Mary Shields (3D Modeling & Backgrounds), Matt Tyree (3D Modeling & Backgrounds)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: June 21, 2011 on 5*

    • There is a behind-the-scenes video of Amber Nash doing some of the voice recording for this episode. For all her growling about bear claws, they had her stuff her face with biscuits while saying the line.

  • Allusions

    • Babe
      Krieger: That'll do, Pigly. That'll do.
      This phrase is a parody of a phrase in the 1995 film Babe, based on the 1983 novel Babe: The Gallant Pig. Farmer Hoggett says something similar to his star pig after he puts on a great performance at the sheepdog trials.