Season 3 Episode 4

The Man From Jupiter

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 19, 2012 on FXX

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  • Burt Reynolds on Archer?!!! Sign me up!!!!

    Awesome, awesome, I mention this episode is AWESOME!!!! Quite frankly, I have pretty much loved ALL of the episodes I have seen BEFORE this one; but this is the first episode that REQUIRED me to write a review for it! Not only did they mention pretty much EVERY single movie that Burt Reynolds ever made (except for the "Cannonball Run" Trilogy and "All Dogs Go to Heaven"); it also features H. Jon Benjamin in a REAL, high stakes mission both AGAINST, and then WITH, Burt Reynolds who is supplying his OWN voice!!!! And not only do we get an awesome spy action MISSION, we get ALL of the hilarious one liners and snarky comments and running gag jokes this show is well known for! This feels like the spiritual sequel to both "Home Movies" and "Arrested In other words, it is TOTALLY awesome!!!! 8) Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Pretty Good But....

    Why was Archer acting like such a pussy? I realise that Archer is not huge on continuity, but towards the end of the last season he drove a formula one car on the streets of Monaco and there have been plenty of other car chases too. But now in this episode he was scared that Burt Reynolds was driving too fast? Seems pretty absurd. Sloppy writing really.

    Also, I hope Gillette recovers from being a cripple. There were some good gags in this ep but I can see them getting stale quickly if it keeps going.

    All in all, fairly good episode but certainly not my favourite.
  • Not the Best Episode ever

    The Culmination of Archer's love of Burt Reynolds. And while it's not a horrible episode or a bad episode (THERE ARE NO BAD ARCHERS) This was a weak episode and I didn't find myself dying of Laughter the way other Archers have.

    Hopefully the remainder of Season 3 does provide with some LOL moments. I'm sure it will this is Archer but this Episode was a bit weak. Not Horrible not Bad, But not Good either

    right in the middle.
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