Season 4 Episode 11

The Papal Chase

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2013 on FXX

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  • You can fool some of the papal some of the time...

    This episode was hilarious out of the gate! When Archer walked into Malory's office chanting like a Catholic priest, and dressed the part as well, I cracked up. The car chase was outstanding, with Archer in command. Super episode.
  • Not only was this episode a let down...

    but most of it was totally predictable. You get Archer on a mission while the employees bug Malory. This episode was bland out of the gate. I was going to give it a one, but Archer scaring Cyril at the beginning was a little funny, so I will give them commendation for that part, however this episode was weak.
  • The Vatican Caper

    This episode seems appropriate given the recent choosing of the new Pope but I don't know if this was intentional or not. ISIS is hired by the Vatican to stop a threat from a splinter group of the Swiss Guard or something like that. Pam gets inducted into the field along with Archer and Lana talks her way into going. For some reason Cyril is terrified of church stuff, and I though the exact same thing that Pam did, that he had been diddled. But the flashback to Cyril being terrified of Lana in a sexy nun outfit was very amusing. It was good to see Pam out in the field for the first time and not just being herself watching the other agents take all of the action. Coincidentally, the Pope is the spitting image of Woodhouse (who has developed a bad heroin habit) and they plan on switching the two as a decoy to foil the plot on the Pope's life. When trying to switch them out the hit squad comes and a car chase ensues resulting in Lana and Pam both getting shot while Archer stands atop the car firing back. Pam's attention to the languages was funny and I don't speak Italian but she's right about the context yet Archer seemingly can't get a handle on that fact. Turns out that the Vatican had hired ISIS because of their reputation that they would not stop the assassination anyway given their incompetence. There was a cardinal who had set up the plot since he was next in line for the papacy and only hired ISIS to show his colleagues that he was trying to prevent it. It was nice to hear about ISIS's reputation and have a nice reintroduction to Woodhouse who has been absent for quite some time. Seeing his heroin addiction, and Archer still being a retched human being not letting Woodhouse even go to his own brother's funeral and not even telling him about it, were awful yet hilarious to watch. But this was an entertaining episode and I like it much better than last week's Kazak episode with the dog and everything. But now almost everyone except Cheryl and Brett are field operatives so we can now get a much more crowded agent docket with the season finale coming up next week. I know Barry and Katja will play into the events but not sure how quite yet. Hopefully can be as good as the space one from last season.