Season 4 Episode 2

The Wind Cries Mary

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 24, 2013 on FXX

Episode Recap

During a routine, employee meeting, Malory informs the ISIS gang that it is time for peer reviews; only Pam is excited by the news. She also callously informs them that Archer's best friend, Lucas Troy, is dead. He joined ODIN as ISIS' highest performing recruit and an accident involving one of his missions killed him. Only Archer is devastated by the news.
Though his coworkers perpetually suggest that Archer's and Lucas' relationship was a homosexual one, Archer shrugs off their implications and insists that what happened to him - though suspicious - leads Archer to believe that ODIN has a mole. It is at that moment that Archer gets a phone call and leaves, muttering about his pet lemur.
When Lana goes to borrow some guns, she finds a "gun librarian" blocking her way to the access point. The new armory supervisor, Randy, tells Lana what Archer has just checked out, so Lana grabs Cyril and they go to chase down Archer with his tons of ammunition.
Archer meanwhile is in pursuit of Luke, who called him and revealed of course that he is not dead. The ISIS agent meets his friend at a bed and breakfast Luke is constructing. While there, Luke drugs Archer and tells him that he is in love with him, and that he really did murder all of his ODIN peers and steal money from the agency to fund his and Archer's life together.
On the trail, Cyril tries to assess Lana for her peer review, but finds her anger difficult to match. Dressed in orange in a snowy element, Cyril is immediately spotted by Luke, who soon pursues Archer's rescuers with more success than they pursued Luke.
As Archer recovers from the overdose, Lana manages to manipulate a tree to fall on Luke while his best friend sees the whole thing. For his deathbed confession, Luke tells Archer that he once molested him while he was passed out.
An uncomfortable ride back to ISIS forces Archer to ask Lana to turn on the radio.