Season 4 Episode 2

The Wind Cries Mary

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 24, 2013 on FXX

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  • Archer's perhaps only friend and the sexual bro-ttack!

    Before i review, i gotta vent out, Does the show's writers secretly hate him or do they want us to like him because of the emotional trauma he faces every day??.. Archer got Malory as a mother, that's trauma 1, they gave him cancer after he thought he was in the clear, they killed his fiance before his eyes, Made him guilty of playing around (doing Pam) rather than doing his job while his possible father was blown up by Barry,, and now killing Archer's best perhaps only friend , letting Archer witness his friend's death after revealing the friend had sexually assaulted Archer while he was passed out?. The last part was hella funny for us viewers but man! Archer's psych gets too battered.

    I was looking forward to this episode simply because Olyphant .Depending on who you are, the episode started slow but ended with the biggest LOL! Archer moment! Lucas Troy (Timothy Olyphant) is Archer's perhaps only friend, who was trained by ISIS but went to work for Odin thus (+ being a bit of a "Archer") he is hated by all ISIS staff. The episode start with Malory briefing staff on everything from Krieger's failed attempt to solve the break room's ant problem by giving himself ant powers, to Pam's upcoming peer reviews, she announces the final item on the list as Lucas Troy is dead. He died after sabotaging his own ODIN mission, absconding with Uranium and millions of dollars before accidentally dying in a plane crash. Of course Archer doesn't think his friend is a traitor or dead!. After Archer got on the phone with we find later to be a not-dead Lucas,he raced with load of ammunition to Vermont to help clear his friend's name. On the B story which was just okay, Lana and Cyril were pared for the peer review and Cyril who was actual into doing the peer review. Long story, but Lana found out Archer went to Vermont so both he and Cyril went after him, and they managed to kill Lucas by dropping a tree on him (Those big Lana's hands again!!). Earlier Lucas had confessed to Archer that he had killed his fellow Odin spies, stole and the uranium n money only because he wanted to quit spy work, and settle down with the only man he see, Lucas, has banged a lot of chicks, he is not gay but there is something about as he lay there about to die, with a huge tree on top crushing him Lucas confessed some more,What happened one time while celebrating after a mission, when Archer had passed out only in his robe ,...

    That confession was the funniest moment of the episode especial since in the next scene we see Lana driving Cyril and Archer back and both are clearly shocked and disturbed by the confession, while Archer holding his whiskey blithely asks to turn on the guy!.

    I would love to see Archer happy if not Katya moment's a little.