Season 4 Episode 2

The Wind Cries Mary

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 24, 2013 on FXX

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  • The Fall of Lucas Troy

    Malory tells Archer that one of his fellow recruits and old best friend Lucas Troy, who went off to work for ODIN, is dead. Apparently while on a mission for ODIN several of his fellow agents were killed and the money to buy some secret are stolen and Troy's body was found in a burning plane wreckage hundreds of miles away with a body that matched his dental records. Archer is sad, but seeing back to his training days and his totally gay relationship with Lucas (the wonderful Timothy Olyphant from Justified who seems to be popping up in all things funny on FX) although Archer remains oblivious to it. Malory changes, such as the new inventory guy, who hilariously started working because of Krieger selling all of the ISIS weapons stock out of his van. Also Krieger's ant experiment was typically creepy and awesome. Archer gets a call from Lucas and checks out a bunch of weapons to go meet him out in Vermont. When he gets there Lucas tells him that he wants to open a bed and breakfast with him and renovate the old building he's hiding out in. Archer, totally idiotically, thinks that a mole set Lucas up for killing his fellow agents and stealing the money to which everyone obviously says duh. Cyril and Lana go after Archer by tracking his cell phone while doing Pam's peer reviews. Cyril wearing the giant orange jacket was great along with him stripping down to his underwear to blend in with the snow. Lucas is a total jerk with all of his annoying "said you mom" jokes and whatnot but his romantic feelings for Archer was solidly weird and uncomfortable to see Archer process. Archer gets drugged but his fabulous liver recovers as it always does from poisons after Lucas also confesses that he killed his fellow agents and stole the money to start a life with him as well. Lana killing Lucas with a tree was a nice touch and as he lay dying he told Archer that he essentially raped him while he was passed out drunk one night which is exceptionally creepy to hear. But I also like how they addressed that only six people work at ISIS now it seems I mean Bilbo and all of the other guys, like the one that always gets shot by Archer and yells "Damn it Archer" are gone so it was nice to see Pam comment on their underfunded-ness. But it does make sense with Season 2 addressing the cutbacks and Malory's wanting to spend more money one herself and less on the employees. But it was a really good episode that made me laugh and also cringe a lot. Yeah Archer!