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  • Season 5 Episode 11: Archer Vice: Palace Intri...

  • What he said was probably correct about George Washington could have been President for life, if he had wanted to. The U.S. Constitution, which created the country we now know as the U.S.A., which also created the office of President and the Executive Branch, wasn't enacted until 1789, 10 years after the American Revolution ended. Originally it was just a weak confederacy that couldn't even raise enough taxes to pay off war debt, including unpaid soldiers from that very revolution. They were so mad that they were going to overthrow the original congress and wanted to make their beloved former commander, General George Washington, king! He was such a beloved leader that when he refused the offer they called a Constitutional Convention to write that document and made Washington President over the convention writing the constitution. It was almost custom written for Washington. He was subsequently elected, unanimously by electoral votes, twice. He chose not to run for a 3rd term, which he certainly would have gotten. Since him, for one reason or another, no President till FDR ever did serve more than 2 four year terms.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt had just been elected and sworn in for his 4th term when he suddenly died of a stroke, making Harry S. Truman succeed him for the rest of his term. FDR was so powerful after over 12 years in office that people feared what a future, popular, young president, who wanted to keep running for decades, could do. FDR had already appointed almost the whole Supreme Court, who serve for life but were usually old men who didn't live that long back then. That's why the 22nd Amendment was passed by Congress in 1947, 2 years after FDR's death and ratified by the states (75% required to enact) in 1951. So it couldn't happen again.





    The animation details on that Soviet T-72 tank he ended up stealing were absolutely perfect too, as was the helmet with the masking tape on the front and his name written on it. Exactly like the picture of Mike Dukakis, Mass. Governor and failed 1988 Democrat presidential candidate, trying to look tough in a photo op by sitting in a tank cupola but ending up looking like a dorky wimp, and losing badly to George H.W. Bush (the 1st President Bush). Course he was in an American M-1 tank (at a General Dynamics plant). Hence Pam's line :"Mike DuCock-less"


  • Season 4 Episode 12: Sea Tunt: Part 1

  • Throughout this episode, Pam can't get enough of the crab sticks served at the buffet. Not only can you see her gorging on the seafood treats but you can audibly hear her chomping away. On the day the episode was to be taped, they realized that no one had thought to bring something for her to eat. Luckily, they located a huge container of cheese puffs in the recording studio's kitchen and it's those cheese puffs - not crab sticks - that you hear being consumed. It took many more takes than usual that day mostly due to Amber Nash's tendency to stuff her cheeks full of the puffs before delivering her lines. This caused her to choke and spew cheese which led to giggle fits. Looking like a chipmunk didn't help either, especially when she would hold up her orange cheese puff stained hands against the recording booth's glass for all to see.

  • Season 4 Episode 10: Un Chien Tangerine

  • "Kazak" is the name of Winston Niles Rumfoord's dog, an English Mastiff, in "The Sirens of Titan" by Kurt Vonnegut.

  • Season 4 Episode 9: The Honeymooners

  • Up until this episode, Malory's nemesis, Trudy, has not spoken. Rather than approach an already well-known femme fatale, they decided to look a lot closer to home.  Mary Ann Warren, the person selected to voice Malory's rival, is none other than creator Adam Reed's mom.

  • Season 4 Episode 4: Midnight Ron

  • After Ron picks up Archer in Montreal, they drive south to New York State and as they approach the Blackpool Canada/US border crossing connecting to Interstate 87 (displayed a few minutes later in the episode), the attachment on top of the "Canada United States Border" sign says they are crossing the 49th parallel.This is a major goof based on the common misconception that the Canada/US border is the 49th parallel. The border between Canada and the United States only runs along the 49th parallel in Western Canada - west from the Lake of the Woods in western Ontario. East of the Lake of the Woods, the border is actually much further south than the 49th parallel - Montreal actually sits on the 45th parallel, and the Blackpool border crossing is even further south, at 44�59′N.In order for Ron and Archer to cross the 49th parallel, they would have to drive far north of Montreal, completely away from the Canada/US border.

  • In the phone booth that Archer telephones from at the Montreal Casino, the advertisement behind him reads, "VACATION - It's Never Out of Season." This advertisement would not be allowed in Quebec, as it is only in English, contrary to Quebec law.

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Double Trouble

  • When Pam is in the bathroom stall, we can see her name written in graffiti on the wall behind her. This is a recurring theme that pops up in several other Archer episodes.

  • Season 2 Episode 12: White Nights

  • The scene of Archer getting tortured by the KGB is a callback to the pilot episode, Mole Hunt. Archer acknowledges this by saying he should have taken his training more seriously.

  • Season 2 Episode 11: Jeu Monegasque

  • Malory claims that Archer does not gamble, and Archer confirms this. However, in the pilot episode Mole Hunt, Archer is seen playing roulette in a casino.

  • In the 401k list on Cyril's computer, several ISIS employees are listed that have never been seen: John Baxtor, Samantha Munroe, Heather Baker, and Jeff Chapman. Hector Ruiz also appears on the list, despite having been killed in the season one episode Diversity Hire.

  • When Cyril is looking at 401k information on his computer, "Doctor Krieger" is on the list. It was mentioned in the episode A Going Concern that Krieger is not any kind of doctor, but his first name appears to actually be "Doctor."

  • The translation from Lana and Benoît's French exchange:

    Lana: On, nous excusait mon amie! Elle est fatiguée.
    "Excuse my friend. She is tired."

    Benoît: Et, mal-élevée
    "And rude."

    Lana: Sans doute. Mais, vous avez un réservation pour moi, non? Lana Kane?
    "Without doubt.  But you have a reservation for me, right?  Lana Kane?"

    Benoît: Euh, non...
    "Uh, no..."

    Lana: What?!!! Et pourquoi non?!
    "What?!!! And why not?!"

    Benoît: C'est la Grand Prix.
    "This is the Grand Prix."

    Lana: So where are we supposed to sleep?!

  • When Ray hits someone with Malory's purse, he asks, "What does she have in here, buckles?" This is a callback to the pilot episode Mole Hunt, where Archer asks the same thing as Malory is hitting him with her purse.

  • Both Lana and Malory say that they've never seen Archer really drunk (except, in Malory's case, for that one time as a child). However, they saw Archer drunk at a party in the season one episode Training Day.

  • The location of the hotel keeps changing based on the shots. The hotel is established as being on the Grand Prix circuit, but from Archer's room, the hotel is too high up to be near the circuit. When the cars travel from right to left in front of the hotel, this could only happen at turns three & four, but these turns have inclines and curves which don't appear. There's also a shot of the foliage across the street (before zooming on Archer in the hot tub) that places the hotel on the start/finish straightaway, but the cars are traveling in the wrong direction; the straightaway is too long to be confused with any other location on the track. In addition, in the final chase, the cars travel past non-existing locations or in the wrong direction; this is established by where the cars are stopped and the order they reach locations, compared to when they cross the part of the course that passes next to the yachts and docks.

  • Season 2 Episode 10: El Secuestro

  • GPS Coordinates for ISIS headquarters are shown as 33.806333, -84.344165. These coordinates are in Atlanta, Georgia, where Archer is created.

  • This is the fourth time Brett is shot on the series, apparently earning him the nickname "Mr. Bloodmobile," and causing the other characters to be dismissive of his gunshot wound.

  • Archer marvels at the ocelot's tufted ears, but ocelots don't have tufted ears. Bobcats and lynxes do.

  • When Cyril is making his fake ransom call, the screen behind Malory in the control room shows a myriad of characters from the show. In addition to all the main ISIS characters, it includes Brett Buckley, Popeye, Barry Dillon, Rudy, Conway Stern, Nikolai Jakov, Jakov's assistant, Captain Lammers, Mannfred, and Ramon Limon.

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