Season 5 Episode 1

White Elephant

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2014 on FXX
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The fifth season begins with ISIS coming under attack and coping with the loss of one of its longtime members. And then things just get really crazy.

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    This episode was an incredible let down and a lazy start to the new season. The first half of the episode is reminiscent of the previous episodes, and the second half is an endless teaser trailer of the rest of the season. Worse yet the rest of the season is incredibly drug focused, the characters appeared to have gone insane, and the future episodes end in constant disappointing failure for the characters... A horrible reintroduction to a once great series.moreless
  • Awesome start to a new season!

    I really enjoyed this episode because it laid out the past, present and future of Archer. I always laugh how the characters in this show don't care about anyone buy themselves. Each of them ratting out the others was hilarious! Not sure about the whole Archer Vice thing just yet.
  • Waitwaitwait, what?!

    So let me get this straight, this episode is five minutes of the gang getting arrested, five minutes of them recapping the previous seasons of the show...

    ... and then a recap montage of the season that is still coming up?

    I don't know that it's a good episode of Archer, but I'll say this: it's the weirdest clip show I've ever seen.
  • Reboot

    Great episode of Archer that I hope shakes up the formula quite a bit. ISIS getting raided by the FBI and everyone signing over their own witness accounts of the past four seasons for imaginary immunity from prosecution was great. The episode kept all of the great stuff that we love (poor Brett although that joke had long gone stale around about Season 2) and it never hurts to have a Muppet reference. The show stealers being Krieger wanting immunity from whatever they find on his crawl space" and Pam nearly raping that guy were some of the best gags the show has had in a while. Malory saved the day by having to give up conducting espionage after having called "him" (I'm sure we'll find out eventually perhaps Archer's real father) and disbanding ISIS. WIth 60 million pounds of cocaine we got a bit of flashforward to the season to come (I think) which is teased in an Archer fantasy which he dubs, "Archer Vice" as I'm sure he's a big Miami Vice fan like myself. This jolt was exactly what the series needed after a rocky past couple of seasons and I love any show that respects its own continuity with the episode posing a mild recap of many of the insane things the ISIS crew has done up till now. I'm surprised that ISIS had gotten away with espionage for so long without getting raided by the FBI sooner if they were doing it off the books but the bit where Archer shoots the agent and then the agent in charge goes over how they're supposed to identify themselves first was great. Also can't wait to see Cheryl the Country singer and find out whoever the father of Lana's baby is (please be Conway Stern returning after forever since Season 1 it's about time he came back). Here's to a great start.moreless
  • Who was the 'him' that Malory was referring to?

    She threatened the FBI agent that she'd call 'him' and the FBI agent became flustered, so who was it? She obviously has friends in high places.

    It's very hard to believe that ISIS has operated so long without authority from the government. It was always been implied that it was a private spy agency working for/with the US government and it's allies, so they can use government assets, operate anywhere in the world, make a lot of money doing it, and do some shady work like destroying pipe lines and fighting eco-terrorists for other private entities to make money. They've used government resource & military transport, Archer got immunity for the fiasco with border patrol, they're well known in intelligence circles, and they get or try to get contracts to do the work they do from the UN. How could they combat the KGB for so long? Wouldn't ODIN get them in trouble, or are they also operating like ISIS?

    It was funny to watch everyone list all the questionable stuff ISIS has been involved in.

    "Odessa. You know, the ratlines"moreless
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