Archie's Fun House

CBS (ended 1973)


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  • The third installment of Archie and his new pals,Sabrina the Teenage Witch ,Chuck ,and Big Ethel.Oh and Big Moose ,of course.Modeled after the wildly popular NBC comedy show"Laugh-In",the show is full of fun and corny jokes .CBS should bring Archie B2 SM.

    Archie's Funhouse was ahead its time ,but the songs were to represent the time period songs like "We Are All Family" was talking about political issues that existed only in the 70's ,like racism and the environment,.but others were more corny and less successful than the forgetten hit "Sugar,Sugar".The last shows "U.S. of Archie" and "Archie&Sabrina Bang Shang Lapoolza " had lost officially viewers in the 70's.Sabrina needed her own show because she was becoming very popular with the girls in the 70's with her magic.She had her own comic book,so CBS executives said why not give her own show.