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  • Works well at times

    Most ep (13-14) KCAL

    My first time watching this show. I saw it on Friday, December 28,2012. I love it. It's real and funny. A good show my family and I watched together. I was looking for the time it comes on. I just happen on it while switching channel. I search the web and saw Wednesday's at 9pm. I LOVE IT!!
  • Way to take a funny movie and suck the fun out of it

    OK, we all remember Ice Cube's family hit Are We There Yet. A great family movie that taught us a lesson while making us laugh. We all remember the mediocre sequel released a few years later. Now, we have this...First off I'd like to state that I was excited for this show I thought it was gonna be hilarious and insightful like the movie. That goes to show even geniuses can be wrong.

    Nick, now played by Terry Crews, aka the dad from Everybody Hates Chris, provides a dull and unmotivated lead character that makes you feel so sorry for the actor. I mean, Terry doesn't even try to act on this show because he knows how much his dialogue sucks. The whole time you watch you can just see him looking at the camera, thinking "There! I'm saying my lines, now write that check!". The writers try to make him the hard-working but learning father trying to navigate through the adventurous life of raising children. You know, a regular Danny Tanner or Cliff Huxtable, but he's so void of steady character development, comedy, and realness to the point that you don't care, no matter how hard you try.

    The show, however, made me feel sorry for another actor, or actress, also. You know who I'm talking about. Yeah its TIA...or Tamera...whichever one she is. The other ones on The Game, good for her, but this one's been reduced to this. I haven't been this sorry for a former child-star since Jaleel White went back to Sonic. Her character is so bland, predictable, unfunny, terribly written, and painfully dull that it makes you feel worse about her than you do about Terry...because she's actually TRYING! Failing at that but trying to bring this character to life. It's not her fault, she's a great actor, but the character's writers suck at their job.

    Then there's the kids. Brother and sister Crap and Whogivesa (it's French). The kids are what you'd expect from a show this generic and bland. They're there to deliver jokes and make the dad go through ridiculous storylines to please them. Along with the characters being completely absent of personality, the actors don't help. It seems that all they're thinking on camera is "OMG I'm on TV! I can't wait till my friends see this!"
    And they have no regard to what they're doing, or saying, thus giving a performance that shows less emotion then the furniture's.

    Aside from the terrible and disgustingly generic writing and characters and painfully unmotivated acting, Ice Cube returns for the show. But for some reason he doesn't reprise his role as Nick, he plays some other dude that's supposed to be the weird eccentric neighbor/family member, as if this show didn't have enough generic overdone characters with no personalities. I guess he just knew how much the show was gonna suck so he didn't play the main character in hopes people will forget it was his idea. The thing I hate about this show is that it doesn't try. It doesn't try to make you laugh, it doesn't try to create characters, it doesn't try to stand out or provoke emotions, it doesn't try to present something that anyone can be entertained by. All of this you've seen before only done a thousand times better. Plot-1
    Don't waste your time, it's boring unfunny and poorly executed. I can't think of a worse show. At least shows like iCarly and the Cape think they're doing a good job. This show acts like its fully aware it sucks and doesn't care. FAIL!
  • Terry Crews has been married to this woman for 6 months and they're still working on somehow getting along living together with both sides deceitful. Does this mean a funny show? No.

    So I watched the first two episodes and all ready there's holes in it. First off let me state it IS better than Tyler Perry's attempt at sitcoms. However the sassy "I'm always right" wife bit has been done too many times and also has been done better. THing is there's nothing in this that lets us think she actually is always right cause in these episodes its her doing the screw ups.
    The kids are annoying and unrealistic as it gets.It's not funny seeing kids be jack***es for no reason. The jokes in this aren't really funny. It's another ripoff of tyler perry: Have someone utter something that you wouldn't find funny anyways and play the laugh track the whole episode.
    They jump into the show assuming we know who everyone is and what they do. The characters will probably have no development.
    The production value of the show is not as bad as Tyler Perry. However it does get its own reward for being annoying everytime you see the slide show from scene to scene. The only good thing are the adults are at least trying to act.