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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)



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Are You Afraid of the Dark?
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Are You Afraid of the Dark? is a show based on a group of kids called The Midnight Society. Members meet in a location in the woods and take turns telling their own spooky tales. The series aired on Nickelodeon in the United States as part of their SNICK lineup in 1992. It lasted for 5 seasons until it was canceled in 1996. Later on, it returned to Nickelodeon's SNICK block with a new cast for two seasons from 1999-2000.


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  • Elisha Cuthbert

    Elisha Cuthbert

    Megan (Season 6+)

    Daniel DeSanto

    Daniel DeSanto

    Tucker (Season 3+)

    Jason Alisharan

    Jason Alisharan

    Frank (Seasons 1-4)

    Jodie Resther

    Jodie Resther

    Kiki (Seasons 1-5)

    Ross Hull

    Ross Hull

    Gary (Seasons 1-5)

    Vanessa Lengies

    Vanessa Lengies

    Evangeline "Vange" (Season 6+)

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    Fan Reviews (177)

    • Top Shows - First thrilling, scary show to stay up late for

      Various ep (98-00)
    • Nocturnal youth club avid in story telling.

      A group of kids without responsible parents meet at night to discuss the most macabre horror stories they can come up with. I love everything horror and although this show is intended for the younger population i found episodes to be not so light thanks to some pretty good special effectsion some episodes.

      This is a show kids can enjoy as they leave some kind of moral value at the end as with most children's shows nowadays.

      Not a classic and not a show you could die without. Worth the watch if it is around while your zapping through the grid.moreless
    • I love being afraid of the dark!

      This has been one of my absolute favorite shows for years (most people who know me already know how awesome I thought this show was). So I think it is about time that I sat down and actually wrote a review for it.

      This show centers on a group of kids (collectively known as "The Midnight Society") who sit down next to the campfire, each week, to tell scary stories. Though they are never violent stories, as this is a show aimed at kids and teenagers, they are still enough to give kids a good fright.

      Every story in each episode is different, with different characters and settings. However, there are two story characters who do make regular guest appearances.

      First off, there is 'Doctor Vink' who is "not a nutbag" [He is somewhat of a villain, who usually enjoys causing trouble for the characters of each story. Sometimes he even tries to punish them in horrific ways].

      Secondly, there is 'Mr. Sardot', whoops, I meant " 'Sardo', no Mr., accent on the 'dough' " [He can be an amiable person. He owns a magic shop, whose sale items will usually include things that will lead the story characters into some kind of peril. Usually, he does however try and help them out of the bad situation, as he realises he is at fault for selling the item(s) in the first place].

      This was a very popular series. One of the episodes even helped to inspire the top rated movie "The Sixth Sense" (I won't tell you what episode it was, I don't want to spoil it for you - do an internet search if you really want to know).

      It was a great show to watch as a kid. Even though none of the episodes will be scary enough for the older viewers, it is a good show for kids wanting to get started on the horror genre (without the problem of nightmares). Also, don't expect groundbreaking special effects, this is a kid's show. Still, if you are a fan of shows such as "Goosebumps" or "The Twilight Zone" then I am sure you will enjoy this show as well. I have every season of it on DVD, and enjoy watching it on a regular basis. It truly is an awesome show. If you are a late 80s / early 90s kid, then I am sure that you already know that.

    • Great stories!

      It was spooky and suspenseful for me growing up! Highly recommend for story writers and kids to learn from!
    • Wow this show is great

      Wow this show isn't that great. I only did that because i'm sick of the "user disagres with you thing" it always happens when i bash a popular show. So i pretended i liked it. Anyways this show isn't that good. Its only slightly better than goosebumps, the acting isn't even that good and all the stories have stupid endings. Is it so hard to get good actors? i mean damn no one wanted to be on this show except for dorks and nerds? anyways none of the episodes are scary and there all bad. I think this show should have been bettermoreless

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    Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Kids, Suspense


    90s, cheap special effects, facing danger, Classics, Paranormal