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  • Top Shows - First thrilling, scary show to stay up late for

    Various ep (98-00)
  • Nocturnal youth club avid in story telling.

    A group of kids without responsible parents meet at night to discuss the most macabre horror stories they can come up with. I love everything horror and although this show is intended for the younger population i found episodes to be not so light thanks to some pretty good special effectsion some episodes.

    This is a show kids can enjoy as they leave some kind of moral value at the end as with most children's shows nowadays.

    Not a classic and not a show you could die without. Worth the watch if it is around while your zapping through the grid.
  • I love being afraid of the dark!

    This has been one of my absolute favorite shows for years (most people who know me already know how awesome I thought this show was). So I think it is about time that I sat down and actually wrote a review for it.

    This show centers on a group of kids (collectively known as "The Midnight Society") who sit down next to the campfire, each week, to tell scary stories. Though they are never violent stories, as this is a show aimed at kids and teenagers, they are still enough to give kids a good fright.

    Every story in each episode is different, with different characters and settings. However, there are two story characters who do make regular guest appearances.

    First off, there is 'Doctor Vink' who is "not a nutbag" [He is somewhat of a villain, who usually enjoys causing trouble for the characters of each story. Sometimes he even tries to punish them in horrific ways].

    Secondly, there is 'Mr. Sardot', whoops, I meant " 'Sardo', no Mr., accent on the 'dough' " [He can be an amiable person. He owns a magic shop, whose sale items will usually include things that will lead the story characters into some kind of peril. Usually, he does however try and help them out of the bad situation, as he realises he is at fault for selling the item(s) in the first place].

    This was a very popular series. One of the episodes even helped to inspire the top rated movie "The Sixth Sense" (I won't tell you what episode it was, I don't want to spoil it for you - do an internet search if you really want to know).

    It was a great show to watch as a kid. Even though none of the episodes will be scary enough for the older viewers, it is a good show for kids wanting to get started on the horror genre (without the problem of nightmares). Also, don't expect groundbreaking special effects, this is a kid's show. Still, if you are a fan of shows such as "Goosebumps" or "The Twilight Zone" then I am sure you will enjoy this show as well. I have every season of it on DVD, and enjoy watching it on a regular basis. It truly is an awesome show. If you are a late 80s / early 90s kid, then I am sure that you already know that.

  • Great stories!

    It was spooky and suspenseful for me growing up! Highly recommend for story writers and kids to learn from!
  • Wow this show is great

    Wow this show isn't that great. I only did that because i'm sick of the "user disagres with you thing" it always happens when i bash a popular show. So i pretended i liked it. Anyways this show isn't that good. Its only slightly better than goosebumps, the acting isn't even that good and all the stories have stupid endings. Is it so hard to get good actors? i mean damn no one wanted to be on this show except for dorks and nerds? anyways none of the episodes are scary and there all bad. I think this show should have been better
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    I wish they brought this show back OR at least put it online ... but since they didnt I took the liberty of bringing all the episodes back to life on my own channel

    Check it out and show it some love! The more subscribers, views, and clicks, I can get the more episodes I can bring back to life! THE 90'S WERE ALL THAT!!!

  • A very entertaining show that should be brought back


    What I loved about Are You Afraid of the Dark is that it was just plain scary. I was just a kid watching it, but it creeped the hell out of me. It was entertaining enough that my parents would watch it with me and really enjoy it too.

    The Midnight Society were a pretty believable group of kids who told spooky stories to each other.Any of them could resemble a kid I knew, ora kid in my own family.The show would become eerie right away, just with the kids sitting in the darkness telling each other these stories.

    Most of the stories were well written and even well acted, although I'll admit there weresome child actors who weren't very good. Overall, most of the kids on the show were talented.

    I loved watching Are You Afraid of the Dark and I always looked forward to watching it. It was a great show that, in my opinion, has limitless possibilities. With all the reboots and remakes of movies and shows, I think that they could bring the show back and gain lots of fans, or even make an interesting movie about kids telling scary stories. It wouldn't be an original idea, but it would be entertaining.

    This will always be one of my favorite shows and I still watch reruns online till this very day.

  • AYAOTD is a great show to have ever lived.

    As you all know, AYAOTD is an abbreviation for Are you Afraid of the Dark. My favorite characters are Gary, David, Tucker, Betty Ann & Kiki. AYAOTD should be on the air everyday even though the campfire meeting is weekly. THere are many great episodes like The tale of the lonely ghost, the tale of the shiny red bycicle, the tale of the crimson clown and the tale of the Manaha. I first watched AYAOTD on Youtube, the first episode I watched was The tale of old man corcoran, told by Kiki. I began to really like it. Overall, Are you afraid of the dark is a perfect show.
  • a really good well put togeather spooky show

    i think are you afraid of the dark was well put togeather show that brought kids to a camp fire every show and they would talk about there spooky tales there was alot of good eps they had but this show remids me of tales of the crypt just a quited down version for kids like goose bumps either kids would be taken in my parents for strange things or other things would happen there was alot of good tales that were shared at the camp fire and that is why i gave it a 7.5. some of the tales would creep you out if you were younger years ago.
  • A true Nick classic!

    Are You Afraid of the Dark? is Nickelodeon's best series to date. Nothing can compare to a show about a group of kids called the Midnight Society who tell scary stories around a campfire. This show was designed to go for at least ten seasons but sadly Nick cancelled. My favorite episode was The Tale of Laughing in the Dark. I'm embarrassed to say this but I truly am scared of clowns because of this episode. God bless Direct Source for releasing it on DVD. I hope Nick will revive it at least one more time for maybe five seasons. You just don't know how much I love this show and what it means to me. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I claim Are You Afraid of the Dark? the best show in the universe.

    I was born in 1996, so I was a youngster when I watched this show all the time lol it scared me a lot so I didnt really like it that much. But looking back I really like it now because when I was older I watched re runs and stuff. That one episode where she goes to the cabin and that girl had like red eyes ahh that episode still makes me shiver just thinking about it. What's weird is I was scared of that but yet I love horror movies. I think this show got my career started in watching horror movies lmfao
  • i love this show...

    this show brings back so many memories. i remember that this show used to scare me when i was little. every ep was fabulous! i wish Nick showed this show during Halloween. i recommend this show to whoever hasnt seen it. i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show! i luv this show!
  • Good show for kids.

    Are you afraid of the dark? I remember me and my friends always gathered at my house to watch it everyday, it was our daily ritual. Although we were all, I don't know 12 maybe, we were quite scared to watch it but somehow the plot and the story kept us in front of the television set. The episodes were written very good for a kids show, very dramatic and not every episode had a happy ending so you do not know what to expect each episode. I think it is a must watch for every horror/thriller fan, even if it is just a kids show.
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark?

    This is a fantastic show back in the 1990's! I remember the one episode that scared me was The Tale of Badge.It was scary when he jumped out of the with those beaming yellow and that ripped clothing.And the music really scared me to.Then Gwen went in Badge's swamp, and there was all those skelitons hanging.That episode gave me nightmare's a few times when I was around five or six years old.Any how this show was really great and fantastic and it gave me goosebumps.And someday I hope they will the series back on T.V.And I hope people will like my review.
  • Canadian shows made me a better person

    Wow, this show was so popular in my times. I couldn't believe the stuff I saw when watching it. It was a mature yet PG rated show. No one in my family watches it. The first episode told me what kind of show it was, it was a freaky scary show that I admired and grew up watching. I still do now a few years later. The show got cancelled and haven't watched all the episodes or even have the dvd package of them. I guess Canada has finally pulled a great show that everyone can relate to. It rocks.
  • Scared the hell out of me!

    First let me say I was about 6 or 7 when Are You Afraid of the Dark was out so my memories of it are kind of blurry. I think that it's a credit to the show that I can only remember less that half a dosen clips and I still loved it. Eventhough now that I look back at it, it seems stupid but that I was scared of a show that was on at 4 in the day but I suppose that shows how good it was.

    Part of the greatness of this show is that it was part of the golden era of Nick. This was the time of the great shows like Saved by the Bell and Sister, Sister and AYAOTD did much more that hold its own.
  • Are you afraid of the dark- The tale of the hour clock

    One day billy is watching avril the hottest girl in school and he wants a chance and one day his luck changes he gets a hour clock it changes the time to the past for the minimum of an hour but if you go to the past three times bad things can happen!If you do this... the hour devils will catch you and you'll be lucky to get away from them because they lock you in the jail but you have got an hour to escape or you'll neither die or your under the hour clocks spell forever! Enjoy this episode
  • About a bunch of kids that tell scary stories

    A classic show that used to air on nick I just bought all of the episodes on dvd and watched them this has to be one of the better shows thats has aired on nick one of my personel favorites would have to be the episode about the movie theater vampire it really was sort of scary when I was younger I wish they would get a new cast of kids to be in some new episodes it would be kind of cool to see what they could come up with but one thing to remember is that some episodes are better then the others
  • Great

    I used to love this show, used to watch it in the evening when i came home from school. The stories did really really scare me actually. It used to start off round the campfire, used to be around 5 or 6 kids round the campfire, only one of them used to tell the story. The kids called themselves "The Midnight Society", they used to be in the middle of the woods. The fire would be in the middle of the group(they would all sit round it) and they always said the same little saying at the beginning.

    Loved this programme.
  • This show was one of my favs. I would come home and watch it everyday. They talked about scary stories, that would scare you. This show is not for 3 year olds but more around 5-10 or even older.

    This show was one of my favs. I would come home and watch it everyday. They talked about scary stories, that would scare you. This show is not for 3 year olds but more around 5-10 or even older. I watched this show from the very start and almost till the end. I love this show, they should not dubt put it back on air. I would watch it, i know other people will to. they could get their brother and sisters in to it and it will be a big hit all over again. I say we try to get this back on air. Some How. Some way
  • The Tale Of The Dark Music

    What a laugh!! This was what I remember recording on the late repeat so I could laugh again!!

    Awful acting, terrible script it was the best!!!

    Fake punches terrible props I can't tell you how many laughs we had over this episode!

    "Kid you are toast"

    The bully (Koda) threats with a smug look on his face LOL!

    Andy Carr the meek mannered paper boy........until he makes a bargain with the basement spirit.

    Worth a watch with beers and friends!

    Look out for Andy wrapping weak wood in a newspaper to throw at Kodas head lightly before jeering
    "come over and clean my house! you make a good maid" LOL
  • Its about a group of kids setting around a campfire telling ghost stories.

    I watched this show when I was a kid and loved it.The acting was pretty poor but otherwise its a pretty cool show. The stories are great and very interesting. The Goosebumps television doesn't have anything on Are You Afraid of the Dark?. I would like to see this show be brought back, but with the shape that Nickelodeon is in these days it would probley just let down fans of the show. Maybe if another network bought the rights to the program and filmed new episodes of the show then maybe we old fans would have something to be happy about.
  • The is show based on a group of kids called "The Midnight Society". Members meet in a location in the woods and take turns telling their own spooky tales. It lasted for 5 seasons until it was ended in 1996. It returned for 2 seasons from 1999-2000.

    Are you Afraid of the Dark? was a great television series of its time. I loved this series when it came on because it was crazy, weird and sometimes funny in many ways. You should try to watch some of the episodes because they are not that bad to see. One of my favorites is The Tale of The Secret Admirer. Anyway, for any pre-teens or teenagers who like science fiction, fantasy, this is a good series for you to watch if you decide to go to YouTube. I was glad I was able to watch this series when I could.
  • A group of kids sit around a campfire and tell scary stories.

    I remember watching this when I was really young. I still cant believe they took it off the air. It was a really spooky show. Some of the stories even scared me and trust me it's not easy to scare me. I do wish this show was still on to scare the younger generation. Everyone needs to have a few good scares and this is the perfect show to do that. Kinda reminds me of Tales from the crypt except for younger kids. This used to be one of my favorite shows growing up. It's a classic and should still be on.
  • a group of kids gather around a campfire every week to tell their strange and spooky tales

    this show was classic with stories consisting of the strange, the supernatural. I remember staying up every saturday night waiting for the next episode to air the stories were really imaginative consisting of magic, the supernatural and the flat out scary. I remember how a lot of the episodes sent chills up my spine while the stories caught my interest at the same time it was one of the things that really made the show great to watch every week. Weather the story was about magic, love, monsters or ghosts it always made for great T.V. This was Nick's best show of all by far.
  • This show had a group of kids telling scary stories every week on Nickelodeon.

    I used to look forward to everytime that this showed aired -- cheesy as it was. It was pretty fun to watch when I was younger.

    The different scary stories were rather creative and decently written. The actors were ok, not the best. But at least they were really kids. And that's good -- better to have that, then just actors who are pretending to be kids, when they are really older than that.

    Overall this show was the typical cheesy show that was on in the 90's on Nickelodeon. Not that that was a bad thing or anything, it's still better than some of the stuff that is on tv today.

    At least it was half-way original. A lot of stuff today, isn't even that sadly.
  • mann how much i miss those 90's shows!!! they rocked my little kid world!

    AS a kid i stayed up late to watch the later shows on nick. Are you afraid of the dark and goosebumps scared me while being AMAZING as the same time. i loved it. while i did have the entire goosebumps book set. the ENTIRE thing, i loved are you afraid of the dark. i dont think they copied each other in anyway. they were completely different in that goosebumps was book-based and was act out. Are you afraid fo the dark was told AS ghost stories by those AWESOME kids around the fire. also are you afraid of the dark always had some cheesy moral at the end. (awesome)

    live on in your awesomeness!!
  • A good show for me to review at this time of year.

    Well it's almost Halloween and it's time for me to review a show that will scare the pants off of you. I'm talking about Are You Afraid of the Dark. This show was a way for kids to hear scary stories from The Midnight Society. This show was first aired in Canada on YTV and on Nickelodeon in the US. I used to watch this show on Nickelodeon up until 2002 (I think that's when they last aired it). There is a lot of scary things that's suitible for kids that age. It's not like R rated scary like Friday The 13th, but it's scary for children that age. I mean heck I thought it was scary when I was young and it's still quite scary today. If you want a big scream then you should watch this show, it's out on DVD but it's in Canada, but don't worry it works on Region 1 DVD players, you just wouldn't find it in places like Best Buy and Suncoast. You could order it off the internet on or other online shopping sites. It's a good show if you like something scary.

  • I watched the show when I was young and sometimes I still sit around and think of why they took it off air. I think it should come back so other kids can enjoy the spokey stories that are told by the kids around the camp fire.

    I would say that every show ever aired on Nick. would be a 10. Why, because they where all good and it would get you aimped up to see the next episoide. I would probable sit and watch some reruns if they came back on maybe even all of them. I dont understand why it stop comeing on. Now I see alot of shows that been comeing on for years, and all they do is rerun them. Now my daughter is not old enough yet to understand T.V shows, but I would want her to enjoy the old shows that I enjoyed when I was young expecally Are You Afraid of the Dark.
  • I suddenly feel glad this show is gone.

    I do not like this show very much. It's all about some kids meeting with supernatural things like when they erase something, every thing like that also gets erased and winds up into Oblivion. This show is weird and way-out. I just don't get it why they made this. The episode when they were in a swimming pool and this bloody guy attacks?!? I don't like it.

    So this show is mediocre, poor, bad, terrible and ABYSMAL. No no no don't bring it back. People thought I was scared of this but no, it is not scary. It is stupid. Anyone who is frightened of this show should give it a rest.
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