Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)





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  • A very entertaining show that should be brought back


    What I loved about Are You Afraid of the Dark is that it was just plain scary. I was just a kid watching it, but it creeped the hell out of me. It was entertaining enough that my parents would watch it with me and really enjoy it too.

    The Midnight Society were a pretty believable group of kids who told spooky stories to each other.Any of them could resemble a kid I knew, ora kid in my own family.The show would become eerie right away, just with the kids sitting in the darkness telling each other these stories.

    Most of the stories were well written and even well acted, although I'll admit there weresome child actors who weren't very good. Overall, most of the kids on the show were talented.

    I loved watching Are You Afraid of the Dark and I always looked forward to watching it. It was a great show that, in my opinion, has limitless possibilities. With all the reboots and remakes of movies and shows, I think that they could bring the show back and gain lots of fans, or even make an interesting movie about kids telling scary stories. It wouldn't be an original idea, but it would be entertaining.

    This will always be one of my favorite shows and I still watch reruns online till this very day.

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