Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • 4/16/94
    Dr. Vink is back and now running his own restaurant, The Wild Boar. After staff members continually decide to just quit at the drop of a hat, two employees soon discover why. Dr. Vink makes his famous soup with a special ingredient that he gets from his employees- FEAR. However, the two accidentally release the creature that gathers the fear and give it the ability to prey upon anyone.moreless
  • 4/9/94
    A young bratty boy learns a lesson when an evil clown doll comes to life and starts to terrorize him.
  • A long time ago a young girl named Laura was haunted by someone or something lurking in the walls of her house. She tried to get rid of the ghost but failed and died in the process. A year later, two new brothers move into the same house and discover that history repeats itself.moreless
  • 3/26/94
    A teenager thinks he's just met the girl of his dreams when he puts on a mysterious ring that won't come off. Trouble begins when he learns that years ago she was killed in a car accident, and he realizes she wants to lure him to an early grave.
  • 3/19/94
    After getting his portraits back from the basketball team, Matt finds that he didn't show up in the photos. To make it up to him, the photographer gives him an antique camera because it has apparently 'chosen' him. Matt soon learns that anything he takes a picture of will have something bad happen to it, whether you want it or not.moreless
  • 3/5/94
    A mummy is delivered to a museum owned by an archeologist. The mummy happens to be a dead pharaoh queen whose ancient potion and ring brings eternal life. The trouble begins when the mummy mysteriously disappears.
  • 2/26/94
    Alison Denny moves to a new town and desperately wants to fit in and find friends, but is having trouble getting them to accept her. When she buys a carved stone from Sardo's Magic Mansion, she discovers that it allows her to go back to a time when another family was living in her new home.moreless
  • 2/12/94
    A young boy named Ricky, who is obsessed with TV, is put under the care of a babysitter named Belinda. Belinda has a reputation for making children interested in reading. That's because she makes the books come alive. Literally.
  • 2/5/94
    A young girl goes to the countryside to spend a summer with her best friend but she discovers that her friend is missing. She soon discovers that a mysterious doll house in the attic is responsible for her friend's disappearance.
  • 1/29/94
    Two boys learn that the telephone is a serious matter and should not be used as a toy when a group of vigilantes called the Phone Police bust anyone who does not follow the rules of the phone. And the Phone Police can do more than just put you in jail. They can erase your entire existence.moreless
  • 1/22/94
    Long ago, three girls attending camp got lost in the woods, only leaving behind their whistles. At the same exact time, a camper went crazy and started babbling about a Watcher within the woods, creating the nickname Watcher's Woods. When two present day campers get lost, they find that there's definitely something evil in the woods.moreless
  • 1/15/94
    After moving into a new apartment complex with her mother, Stacy finds herself without any friends. She befriends an older woman named Madeline that lives nearby and they soon start to spend quite a bit of time together. But when Stacy breaks a promise to visit Madeline on one specific afternoon, Madeline is enraged and comes after Stacy.moreless
  • 1/8/94
    When a teenager moves to Sleepy Hollow, he learns that some of the folks believe in the old legend of the headless horseman. He soon learns that it's not just a legend.
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