Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Season 5

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • The Tale of Badge
    The Tale of Badge
    Episode 13
    Gwen is constantly being upstaged by her brother- even on her birthday. Her grandmother Willy gives her a special necklace and a magical flute that holds the key to a family secret. When her brother accidentally releases an evil creature named Badge, it's up to Gwen to use her musical gift to save her family and herself.moreless
  • 2/3/96
    A new girl starts volunteering during the nightshift at the local hospital. But the hospital seems to have more than just a new volunteer. Someone or something is feeding on the hospital's patients and employees, draining them of their blood and turning them into walking zombies.
  • The Tale of a Door Unlocked
    Justin visits Sardo's Magic Mansion and buys a miniature door from Sardo that's supposed to let him see the future. He sees an unfamiliar girl trapped in a fire. But soon a new girl, Ashley, arrives at school and looks exactly like the girl that Justin saw in the fire. It's up to him to save her from the future.moreless
  • 1/20/96
    A young girl, who feels inferior to her peers, encounters a strange woman in an empty lot who seems to have everything she'd ever want. The woman doesn't seem to want anything important in return. But when the young girl starts losing her looks, she finds that what she's given up is more important to her than she thought.moreless
  • The Tale of the Unexpected Visitor
    Using the equipment of Jeff's father, who's working on a special space project, two friends send some of their music into space. This apparently attracts the attention of an alien creature who has received their message.
  • The Tale of Manaha
    The Tale of Manaha
    Episode 7
    Jonah is teased by his fellow campers and counselor. While hiking in the woods, Jonah stumbles upon an enchanted cave with a mysterious statue on top of a rock. Jonah moves the statue and summons an old powerful Shaman who warns Jonah to leave his woods or he must face the Manaha- mythical creatures who feed on human flesh. Jonah refuses and the Manaha are released upon the campers. Now the group must trust each other to escape the Shaman and his troop of Manaha.moreless
  • The Tale of C7
    The Tale of C7
    Episode 6
    A family buys an old abandoned hotel, with the intentions of fixing it up and re-opening it. But when the old jukebox is pulled out and fixed, it starts to play a long-forgotten song late at night, summoning a restless spirit from the nearby lake.
  • 12/2/95
    Scott and his step-brother hate each other and can't seem to get along. After fighting on their school field trip to a famous prison, they accidentally release One-Eyed Jack, an ex-prisoner's ghost, and he follows them home. They finally have to learn to cooperate in order to get the ghost to rest in peace.moreless
  • 11/18/95
    After Janice is bitten by a chameleon at the local pet store, it follows her and her friend Sharon home. The chameleon soon tries to take over Janice's life, following the saying among chameleons- 'Bite you once, bite you twice, a little water, pay the price.' Seems that if a chameleon bites you twice and water touches you, you switch places with the creature.moreless
  • The Tale of the Mystical Mirror
    Employees from a boutique are disappearing and no one knows why. Soon after getting a job there, Cindy discovers the truth. Mrs. Valenti, the owner, is really centuries old and using her youthful employees to stay young.
  • 11/4/95
    Chris is obsessed with death. His brother tries to get him to snap out of it by locking him in a hearse and turning up the radio full blast. The radio goes right to 109.1. When Chris goes to the station, DJ Roy mistakes him for a dead man, and sends him to the afterlife.moreless
  • The Tale of the Jagged Sign
    A young girl, Claudia, goes to visit her relatives at the boarding house for the elderly that they own. She's bored at first but soon learns the legend of a ghost who haunts a special spot of a mountain in the woods. Her time spent away from home gets even more unusual when she actually sees the ghost himself.moreless
  • 10/7/95
    Zeke is good at chemistry, but not at girls. When he befriends one, she teaches him how to swim at the school pool. However, the pool is haunted by the ghost of a body that was previously buried underneath the school.