Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Season 6

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge
    Danielle stumbles upon a strange mystery when she travels to Bigfoot Ridge in search of her missing friend, Gina.
  • The Tale of the Secret Admirer
    Shy Meggie is thrilled when she discovers she's got a secret admirer. But her excitement turns to fear when she realizes her secret admirer may be writing to her from beyond the grave.
  • The Tale of Vampire Town
    Adder, a self-proclaimed teenage vampire hunter, gets more than he bargained for when he convinces his parents to travel to Wisteria for a vacation. Trouble ensues when during his hunt for vampires, some local townspeople think he's a vampire and start to hunt him.
  • The Tale of Oblivion
    On the way to school, Max and Shelly visit Sardo's Magic Mansion to get some art supplies. Sardo talks Max into buying a pencil box containing a pencil and eraser. At school Max uses his new art supplies. He has trouble drawing the fruits on display as a model for the class, so he erases one of the fruits in his picture. After he erases it, it disappears in real life as well. After testing this out a few more times, Max finds that he does have the power to erase things into oblivion. But when he erases his twin sister Shelley, without thinking, he's forced to erase himself into oblivion to find her.moreless
  • 4/10/99
    Ross gets more than a bad case of stage fright when he lands a part in a play and discovers that the theater is haunted.
  • The Tale of the Wisdom Glass
    Friends Allan and Jimmy are in for a cyber shock, after they steal a computer game called Wisdom and find themselves transported to a strange game-world where they end up on trial for the theft of the game.
  • The Tale of the Hunted
    While out hunting one magical night, Diana crosses paths with a legendary wolf and ends up realising what it's really like to be "The Hunted".
  • The Tale of Jake the Snake
    During ice hockey try-outs, Wiley finds a stick that used to belong to Jake the Snake, a great player. While using the stick, Wiley seems to have a natural talent for hockey and even makes the team. Soon after, he not only gets an ego, calling himself Wiley the Snake, but starts to shed his skin and gain a strange appetite for mice... Similar to a snake.moreless
  • 3/13/99
    Brothers Tommy and David discover some scary secrets about their new upstairs neighbors. They seem to be inviting guests over that never return. Clues within the neighbor's apartment seem to prove that they're eating their guests.
  • The Tale of the Zombie Dice
    Some kids discover that Mr. Click, the owner of the giant video arcade, has a sinister secret. If he challenges you to a game, don't play him, because if you lose you may never be seen again!
  • The Tale of the Virtual Pets
    Isabel and Kate discover that Diggers, the newest and coolest Virtual Pets around, have a mind of their own, and playing with them can be very dangerous.
  • The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie
    Wishing that his life was more exciting, David gets more than he bargained for when he uses an ancient set of fortune cookies. However, his new life doesn't turn out exactly as he'd expected.
  • The Tale of the Forever Game
    When Peter gets fed up with his tag-along sister Monica, he speeds up on ahead of her and his friend during their bike ride. They become separated and Peter finds himself trapped in a place where he's forced to play a mysterious game, and his friend and sister are trapped in the woods until the game is finished. If Peter wins this game, he'll be free to leave. But if he loses, he'll be trapped there forever.moreless