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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 1 Episode 10

The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 1992 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary


Young Jake is excited to be part of a play called "Will o' the Wisp", a story about an elf saving a boy by changing him into a leprechaun. Soon Jake notices some unusual changes, and believes he's changing into a creature for real.

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  • Eric's best story deserves the title and scary

    Well this was certainly total folklore. Starts off when Jake performs in a play called the Will o Wisp. Folklore they say and it is totally me. Aaron seemed a good guy at first and Sean a bad guy or villain to me. Those herbs made me suspicious for they were rare and kind of unreal and hard to believe. The Aaron guy who turns out to be a banshee the dangerous of all pixies, in Sean's case, was hurrendous looking at how he undresses and clever costuming I must say. Jake starts to turn into one and in the end, it looked like Aaron was going to win, but Sean, clever man, saves the day. Eric deserved the applause in the end. Great Story.moreless
  • A strange Folk-Lore style episode, and not really very scary.

    This was a atrange one for me because I love Irish culture so of course I love old stories about leprechauns. But I also like well written well paced stories that star... well, actors. This was one of the least though out, and poorly executed episodes of the first season. There were not enough scares and the low budget really shows though on the effects scenes. The side characters didn't feel emotionally connected so wehn the twist ending comes, it doesn't have much of an effect. So what if the old guy was bad? The old guy never felt all that good. Big deal. This epiosode had a lot of potential, but turned out pretty lame in the end.moreless
  • This episode was different from all the rest.

    Eric told this story in the memory of his grandfather and a good story it was. Leprechauns were never really my thing but this was a great episode. The beginning was classic because I didn't know it was a play and I thought someone was about to die or something. I laughed at the little midget man because it was funny how he walked, acted and everything about him. I always knew something was up with Erin but when I found out he was a banshee, that was unexpected. The ending of this episode was classic. The people in the audience thought they were seeing a show but it was real. And at the end when Sean and Jake just played along, that was cool. Although this episode wasn't too scary, it was a good one.moreless
  • Jake is cast in his first ever role as a boy-turned-leprechaun in the "genius" Erin's play "The Will O' The Wisp". He soon finds out that Erin is not what he appears to be and his lines are really an oath that may change him immeasurably.moreless

    This story is told in memory of Eric's grandfather, an Irishman, who had recently passed away. The fact that it is supposedly folklore rather than one of his own tales makes it less appealing right away. The plot is interesting, with a few twists here and there, but ultimately, something about this episode makes it seem really cheesy. Perhaps it's Eric's Irish accent that he affects occasionally or one of the other seemingly silly little things integrated into the plot. Overall, it is not a bad episode, but not really a good one either.moreless

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