Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 1 Episode 2

The Tale of Laughing in the Dark

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 22, 1992 on Nickelodeon

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  • One of the best in the series!

    This episode is definitely one of the best in the entire series. It was pretty scary watching as a kid. It's great to see Aron Tager in it even though he is not portraying Dr. Vink. Instead has a different character. LitD along with others like the Phantom Cab, Midnight Madness, Dead Man's Float are the top episodes in the show. Without this episode, the show wouldn't have been as popular from the start. The horrible "Lonely Ghost" follows.
  • Exciting and in Vancouver?

    Well, Kristen was freaked out no duh! At first there were a lot of screaming going on especially in that spookhouse. Freaky wasn't it? In Vancouver and Playland was pretty much exciting but when I went there, my parents didn't leave me be but were with me there and I couldn't ditch them. Josh was so cocky and yeah, the Carney, was freaky enough. The house inside itself had nasty things going on. Weegee finally stepped up and dared Josh to do it. the legendary Zeebo made me suspicious. Zeebo's voice creeped me out big time and Josh is finally scared at last. He returned it and no harm done. The dinner and pudding was scary.
  • This is one of the episodes I remember most from my childhood.

    In my most honest opinion I believe this should have been the first scary story to be told by the kids. " The Tale of the Phantom Cab " was pivotal and this episode, though it had its flaws, was amazing. This is one of the few episodes I actually remembered watching when I was five years old or so. The only reasoning this episode doesn't get above 9.1 is because of some not so amazing acting, and because it was more of a suspense than a thriller. Overall, this is the episode you want to begin with. Forget the stupid tale of the phantom cab. Laughing in the Dark will be the only " pilot " episode you need.
  • Absolutely chilling!

    This is one of my all time favorites of the AYAOTD Series. It is simply, great. I loved how the cast and the story sets up the mood. Especially when the viewers can see him snatching up the Clown's nose, we KNEW that something was about to happen.

    I am a bit too old to get afraid of this episode, but the fact that The Clown can seek revenge is a pretty scary thought.I also liked the part when he offers the clown to stop scaring him with cigars, I guess he learned his lesson?

    Either way, it is one of the best things that Nickelodeons could have produced.
  • Creepy! First episode I ever saw.

    This was pretty good. Zeebo the Clown was the best. This punk kid Josh says to his friend Weegee and his sister that he ain't afraid to go into this creepy fun house that is heard to be haunted by a ghost of a clown named Zeebo. I'm glad that little brat learned his lesson. I liked the acting of Josh and Weegee, but the best actor was Carney. He was brilliant with his line: "It's the most fun in the park when you're laughing in the dark." Brava!
  • An amusement park, a dare, a time to be scared.

    This eisode wasn;t one of my favourites but thats because im deathly afraid of clowns. I have to admit, I had nightmares after watching this episode again. It was vry exciting and one of the resons I watch this show. The stories these kids tell are supposed to be scary, this episode sure was!
  • If youre afraid of clowns then this episode is for you.

    This was another great episode. The main plot involved an evil clown and you cant go wrong with that. Overall it was a great episode that kept this show rolling out of the box.

    This episode was about a funhouse and the evil cigar-smoking clown named Zebo whose ghost supposedly haunts it. The main characters are a boy, his sister, and his cocky friend named Josh. They end up making a bet that if Josh goes into the funhouse and steals Zebo's nose then the boy will wear it to school for a week. Josh tried to act tough but once he was alone in the funhouse you could tell he was scared. He eventually takes Zebo's nose but not without conequences. Soon he starts getting small messages from the clown like smelling cigar smoke from out of nowhere. This all comes together when hes alone in his house one night. Zebo calls him, spreads a Z in spilled chocolate pudding, and blows up a balloon under his locked bedroom door with the words "Give It Back". Josh eventually goes back to the funhouse and gives Zebo not only his nose back but a box of cigars as a token of good faith. The episode ends with the man who ran the funhouse smoking one of the cigars leaving the thought open that maybe he was really Zebo.
  • This is my all-time favorite episode of the series.

    Zeebo the Clown has scarred me for life. I was about five or six when I first saw this episode and since then I've been afraid of clowns. When I saw it again just recently everything about the episode was great. The actors and how they executed the strong plot. I guess Kristen and I are in the same boat. The creepy laugh of Zeebo is classic. I felt like I was Josh because the suspense of this episode was just that good. Oh and the funniest moment was when Kathy hit Josh with the garbage can top. As long as I don't have to face a clown. I can watch this episode all the time.
  • Second episode of the show.

    The acting for The Tale of Laughing in the Dark is only slightly better than in the first episode (The Tale of the Phantom Cab) but both stories were really good and the directing is well done. I actually remember seeing this episode on TV once because the clown really creeped me out. As you can guess, I’m not a big fan of clowns. That laugh alone sends chills up my spine! I wish there were shows like this still available because kids now don’t know what they’re missing!
  • You can't beat the classics!

    This episode seemed to go for the all out scare. It was a really good episode. This episode was well directed. It was really fresh and looked almost movie quality. The plot for this one is that a smart alek kid steals a clown's nose from a fun house and the clown comes to get it back. I loved the suspences episode gave which kept me watching as a child in the 90's. Another plus for the episode is the really creepy music. It was an excellent second episode to the series and I recommend you watch this. Guest starring Aaron Taggert as Zeebo who plays Dr. Vink in the first episode and many episodes later.
  • A snotty kid is stalked by a clown ghost after stealing the nose of a clown dummy in a carnival scare house.

    My absolute favorite episode! I hate clowns, we have 'It' to blame for that and 'Peewee's Big Movie.' I was sssssoooooo scared it took me years to make myself watch it with out covering my eyes or fast forwarding through the scenes at Josh's house. I'm pretty sure I had some sort of nightmare about this. The best thing about this episode is the simple fact that we don't see Zeebo until the end. There is no clown overkill it's very hair raising and suspenceful. My heart stopped at the scene where he's right around the corner of the house and the cigar smoke billows out! I coould have died! I was hooked for the rest of the shows run. I'd buy it. As a matter of fact I think I'll check if it's available even on VHS.
  • Great Second Episode

    I think that this episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark is one of the best episodes of the series. I also think that this episode which is the second episode of the series is better than the first episode of this series. I think that this episode is good because of the fact it takes place mostly in a carnival and that it is about clowns. The ending of this episode is good too because we find out that the carny in the begining of this episode is the ghost of Zeebo. Overall this is one of my favorite episodes and I enjoy it whenever I watch it.
  • A great example of how a simple premise can be pulled off beautifully.

    Considering the fact that you never acually see Zeebo, he has made a lasting impression on many kids of the era. A large horrifying clown, with a nasty temper and a bad smoking problem, Zeebo is a very creative and terrifying creation. The kid actor in this episode did a good job doing the necessary screams, and grimaces, and held most of the screen time himself. Some of the shots were really cool, especially the one, where you can see his smoke being blown from around the corner, but you can't see him. Are You Afraid Of The Dark has some very lasting and scary episodes, and this may arguably be, one of the best.
  • best episode ever

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  • One of the best episodes!

    When i first watched this as a kid it was sooooooo scary. Im scared of clowns anyway, so this episode really scared me.

    It's just really tense and there is a lot of suspence. The sequence with the boy alone in the house is scary. I mean imagine being alone in the house with an evil clown.

    AN AMAZING EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Awesome episode!

    This was a really good episode. It was one of my favorites as a kid. I have the DVD set now, and watching it I still love it. Zeebo was so frightening for me at that young age. This is definitely one of the best episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark. The clown\'s laugh and voice really creeped me out, and the chills still stay with me more than ten years later. If you imagine being in the situation the kids are in, it is even scarier to think about. At the end, we are left to wonder what the carnival man\'s relation to Zeebo is...
  • this episode will always be my favourite.great storylines mixed with terror makes this episode unique from the rest.

    i love this episode because it was the 1st episode on telly that i watched because i was only 2 days old when i saw this.the fact that it has everything you could possibly want in this episode.truely perfect and well presented.i was hoping to see a part 2 or 3 of zeebo but well i guess someone will make them someday