Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 5 Episode 7

The Tale of Manaha

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 30, 1995 on Nickelodeon

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  • When I was a kid, this was my fave ep.

    I think this was my favorite episode when I was a kid, out of the whole series. There are somethings I forgot about this ep., like most of the characters' names, 'course when I was a kid I was pretty bad about memorizing names. Also, I forgot the Manaha fed on human flesh. At some point, I thought Gary told the story after getting a gorilla costume. But it's been like 11 years since I watched this episode.
  • A small boy proves himself by outwitting an ancient, evil shaman that, once released, casts out his tribe of flesh-eating Manhana into the forest.

    Despite the low overall rating of this episode, it is actually quite good. I loved how at the end, the boy had the other boys disguise themselves as Manhana to trick the shaman. Definitely a classic episode. My only complaint is the Manhana are a bit cheesy, Big-foot-esque things, but other than that this is a much worthy episode.
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