Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 1 Episode 7

The Tale of the Captured Souls

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 1992 on Nickelodeon
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Danny and her parents vacation at a house overseen by a young boy who is very unusual. He has mirrors all over the house and never seems to like getting his picture taken. Danny soon learns why the boy is so strange and so young.

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  • Very scary

    I've always dreamed of being young with someone forever. This episode definitely had some scary but nice moments. I got suspicous when Peter had opened up the door. He looked so young but not really in his time. He looked intoxicated. Danielle was suspicious of him. He didn't want his picture taken and his home is full of mirrors? they had like wires in them. Soon, he grows evil and is taking their youthfulness away. Until Danielle finds out and sees that Peter is quite old and has killed a lot of people. He wants to be young forever, but danielle wins. Peter has learned his lesson.moreless
  • Danny and her parents take a vacation at a house run by a mind-blowingly creepy boy.

    When acting is good in an episode of AYAOTD, it's almost jarringly noticeable. This show is a product of the 90's, and most of the protagonists are rather young. On top of that, since each episode is stand-alone, other than the core campfire gang, there are new kids for almost every tale, so each of them has little time to grow and develop as an actor. While some make the most of what silly dialogue they're given (The protagonist of "The Tale of the Dream Girl" stands out in my mind), most are too new to the television biz to be familiar with acting concepts such as, say, showing emotion.

    The young actress who plays Danny in "The Tale of the Captured Souls" falls into the latter camp. It's nigh-impossible to develop any sort of suspense when she is always at the level of excitement equivalent to finding out your mom brought home McDonald's. Sure, she scrunches her face in an attempt to show anger and widens her eyes when something is supposed to be surprising, but it's all rather unconvincing.

    But hey, you're not even paying attention to Danny. Your eyes are on Peter Somethingsomething the Third, the young overseer of the vacation home who has a penchant for mirrors and reminds me of Michael Jackson for some reason. He has funky hair. He's some sort of steampunk scientist. He's devastatingly creepy. Even if you're never genuinely scared once in this entire episode, he's sure to give you the willies.

    You're sure to guess pretty quickly what the "deal" is with Peter, and obviously well before poor Danny. One thing that bothered me...when up against the wall, Peter offers Danny the chance to live forever with him. I know he was probably just saying anything he could to keep her from foiling his plans, but...really? You barely know this girl, and you don't even get along with her. Do you really want to spend eternity watching her struggle to act?

    This episode is camptastic, and I mean that as an enthusiastic endorsement. Mirrors have the ability to suck out your life force. Don't try to think about it too hard. Snarking:

    "ANOTHER camera story?"

    "Canadians must have been frightened and confused by this newfangled technology."

    [when Peter shows up to escort them into the house; impersonating Torgo from "Manos: The Hands of Fate"]

    "I TaKe CaRe Of ThE pLaCe WhiLe ThE MaStEr Is AwAy."

    "Freaking Norman Bates Jr. here."

    [as Peter climbs into a sciencey chamber]

    "Don't have too much fun in there. Yes...white fluid. That's what we wanna see."

    [on Danny]

    "She sounds about as excited as if she were telling them there's a show on TV."moreless
  • Mirrors that help people get younger.

    Another good episode. Cameras stealing your soul. It made me think of Sanouske from and anime called Rurouni Kenshin. He thinks cameras steal your soul and steam trains are run by ghosts. anyway, the plot like was one of the bests. I've never seen anything where they use mirrors to get younger. absolutely great. a perfect 8 outta 10 in my eyes.
  • The first episode with a black cast and the first story told by Kiki.

    I was into this episode from beginning to end. The storyline and plot was great and well written. Glad that Kiki finally told a story. Danny and her parents go to this freaky house with a mysterious little boy or old man rather, living there. They should have known something was up when a kid was there all alone. Peter was really obsessed with mirrors. A mirror shocked Danny and Peter told her it was faulty wiring. How could she be so naive. All the gadgets and stuff Peter were so cool but not what he did with them. He's a lonely old man that steals other people's youth to stay young. This episode was so exciting and fun. It was a little creepy at some points too. I wonder does a camera really capture your soul? This was a well put together episode and I loved it.moreless
  • Danny, a young girl, goes on vacation with her parents to a summer house. Once they get there they realize the only person there is a young boy, Peter. It seems nice there but strange things start happening and it might have to do with mirrors in the housmoreless

    This episode is a pretty good one. It is about a girl who goes to a summer house with her family when strange things start to happen. Her mother and father start to age extremely fast and she is starting to also. She thinks it might have to do something with the strange caretaker there, Peter. In the end, her assumptions are correct. This story is one if Kiki's best stories. Another good Kiki episode is the tale of the apartment 212. There is not a big suprise ending but it is still good. The best part is when Danny goes into the cemetary.moreless

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