Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 3 Episode 13

The Tale of the Dangerous Soup

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 1994 on Nickelodeon
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Dr. Vink is back and now running his own restaurant, The Wild Boar. After staff members continually decide to just quit at the drop of a hat, two employees soon discover why. Dr. Vink makes his famous soup with a special ingredient that he gets from his employees- FEAR. However, the two accidentally release the creature that gathers the fear and give it the ability to prey upon anyone.moreless

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  • Dangerous Soup

    Dr. Vink and a young Neve Campbell, this was a fun little episode. The ending was a little rushed, the buildup was too long, but still a good episode.
  • Great, but scary. Frank got Tucker good.

    Dr. Vink returns as the restaurant owner and omg, the gargoyle was freaky. The stuff you experience inside the room was so dead scary like the Death Chamber in the Victoria Wax Museum. Dr. Vink can be very evil what am I saying he is evil. I sure don't want to work in his restaurant. He said that fear makes the soup so good and he won't tell anyone causing his employees to leave. Then 2 come and have to face their fears of what the animal that takes the danger is like. In the end, I can't believe it, a tiny gargoyle like that is what keeps the fear of soup good? Ouch and I got to say, I feel sorry for the pair and I really think Dr. Vink will keep his restaurant popular for a long time. In the end, Frank really had gotten Tucker good. Exactly you're scared of nothing.moreless
  • The infamous Dr. Vink returns as a chef who "nourishes the souls" of his customers with his ever popular "Dangerous Soup". When two teenage employees try to find out why their coworkers quit suddenly, they also discover what makes this soup so dangerous.moreless

    Lame special effects aside, this is Frank's best tale and also the most interesting Dr. Vink storyline. The plot is quite unique. A gargoyle type relic is not only powerful enough to create the illusion of any given person's greatest fear, but it also produces a potent green elixir (Vink's secret ingredient for his $100 a bowl soup). In the end, the creature is accidentally unleashed, and (briefly) unbeknownst to the teens, recaptured. After they breathe a sigh of relief, Vink lets them know that his business has only begun!moreless
  • Okay

    This episode was okay for me. It starts when Dr. Vink makes a restaurant called \"The Wild Boar\". Dr. Vink makes his famous soup a special ingredient that he gets from his employees. FEAR! However, the two accidentally releases a creature that gathers the fear and give it the ability to prey upon anyone.
  • This episode is about a boy that comes to work at the restaurant that Dr. Vink owns and he only serves one bowl of his famous soup to each customers. The boy wants to find out why.moreless

    This is another Dr.Vink episode classic. The whole story is great and I liked the little room they went in and they had to face their fears. Neve Campbell also stars in this episode and she is known for the Scream movies, I guess this is where she got her start.
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