Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 3 Episode 10

The Tale of the Dream Girl

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 1994 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Johnny and Erica are two very close siblings working at a bowling alley together. One day at work, Johnny finds a girl's class ring in his locker. Upon putting it on, he discovers he can't get it off. Later that night, he has a dream of a beautiful young girl named Donna. At work the next day, Johnny sees a girl that looks a lot like Donna. He goes to talk to her, but she turns out to be a mean girl, and ignores him. That same day, he sees Donna everywhere at work.

Later, he gets a letter from Donna in the mail saying to meet her at the bowling alley after closing. He waits for her, and instead finds a 50s-like diner full of people who serve him his favorite food, even though he's never told them. After a while, Donna eventually shows up and they share a dance. She says it is almost time to go, and asks Johnny to leave with her. He doesn't, but she says she will wait for him anyway and takes off.

When he gets home, Erica shows him a newspaper clipping stating that Donna Maitland died in a car accident. The night she died, the car she and her boyfriend were in stalled on some railroad tracks. When she had forgotten her class ring and went back to the car to get it, the train hit her. Johnny realizes that Donna is trying to lure him into death. When Donna tries to contact him next, he rejects her. Donna accepts this, and the ring comes off.

Thinking maybe all Donna wants is her ring back, Johnny and Erica go to find her grave. Johnny stumbles onto its location accidentally, something that Erica begins to question him about. He insists that he doesn't know anything, so Erica begins to relay the events of the night Donna died and why he should remember them: because he was there. Johnny slowly remembers that he was the boyfriend Donna was with that night. When Donna went back to the car, he tried to push her out of the way, and they were both killed. Johnny has been dead for the entirety of the episode.

Erica reveals that after his death, he appeared to her as a ghost and that she was the only one who could see him. He also didn't have any memory of Donna or the accident. Donna appears to them one last time, and Johnny chooses to go with her. Johnny and Erica bid each other a tearful goodbye, saying that they'll always love each other. Before he leaves with Donna, Johnny gives Erica the ring.
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