Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 3 Episode 10

The Tale of the Dream Girl

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 1994 on Nickelodeon

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  • Ring of Promise

    This episode is one of the best ever. What made it great was it's use of build up suspense, character, and emotion. All of the charcters feel real, we can't help but feel Johnny's fear, confusion yet hungerious longing over Donna. Just like him we find Donna a good person but can't really make her out. Then there is Erica his sister who thoughout the episode is helpful to Johnny yet from her somber tone and sad look you can help but feel she is holding something back. We see themes of sibling bondage, lonelyness, and our desire for love and connection. It adds up to a shocking, sad, but romantic conclusion.
  • i was waiting for erika to say "Jonny, Damit!!! I see dead people,ok" lol but she didn't it was still good though. lol

    The inspiration for the sixth sense definatly this episode was very satisfying. If you are a new commer to this series tis episode will definatly get your juices flowing.Whats most endicing is that they found a way to make you figure out the plot without it being revealed you would have never known jonny was dead already i hadent figured it out lol goood storrrry. Do check out this episode it's eye catching.
  • *Spoilers!* Okay so I had a crush on Johnny. Really cute guy meets mystery girl and wants to know more about her.

    Oh, I remember it all so well. I'm sure I've seen this episode over 15 times. I cried every time, even my mom cried. I must say this was one i didn't see coming and I was the chick screaming 'No Way' at the screen. I've always been odsessed with Johnny Depp and then here comes this Jonny that reminds you of 'Cry Baby' and his cute little sister. They work in a bowling alley where Johnny is a 'hot' mechanic. After finding a ring in his locker it gets stuck on his finger. Johnny meets mystery girl Donna and is quickly smitten. The closer he and his sister come to finding out who she really is the wierder it gets. Why doth the truth hurt so much sometimes?
  • The Dream girl had us guessing until the end... really!

    The dream girl is hands down one of my favourite episodes. I don't know if it was becasue I was young and naive, but I trully did not know the twist until it happened. Most people will know the storyline from the blockbuster The Sixth Sense... sans Haley Joel Osment. This epsiode was very suspensful and orgiinal and kept you wondering the entire time. For a half hour enstallment it ws done very effectively. Also, great job by Fab Filipo (best known as Busy's bro in ready or not) who was absolutely scrumptious in the role.
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