Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 2 Episode 1

The Tale of the Final Wish

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 19, 1993 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Kristen is reading aloud from a book of fairy tales. Some of The Midnight Society members make fun of her, but she assures them that fairy tales can be quite frightening.
Jill is obsessed with fairy tales, but often awakes from nightmares. Her parents and her brother, Jon are tired of a thirteen year-old with such childish behaviors. It wakes them up during the night, and often Jill's parents are late for work because Jill can be so caught up in her own world.
Even Jill's friends at school let her know she can be a pest. While checking out a cute guy that actually shows more interest in Jill, Jill's friends are annoyed by her obliviousness. When the guy comes to talk to Jill, her friends point out her reading material - fairy tales - and tease Jill for still playing with trolls. Embarrassed, Jill leaves in a huff.
That night, Jon dresses up like a monster and scares Jill as she tries to fall asleep. Fed up, Jill wishes on a star that she could live in a world like that of her beloved fairy tales. Unfortunately, she gets her wish…
Jill wakes up and a man with a weird voice pulls her into a vortex underneath her bed! After many riddles and avoidance tactics, the weird-voiced man tells Jill that he is The Sandman, and that Jill is with him to fulfill her wish. He tells Jill he has a book with her fairy tale in it, but that she cannot change the story.
She runs from him and encounters the monsters of some of her favorite stories! Within another room, Jill finds her parents, Jon, and her friends asleep, and discovers that she can't wake them no matter how hard she tries.
Sobbing, Jill tells The Sandman this isn't what she wished for, but he accidentally lets her know that she might be able to change the story after all. Jill grabs a giant hourglass filled with sand and shatters it on the floor. When she wakes up in her bed, she closes the book and her parents and brother come to her rescue.
Jill tells them that she's sorry she's been so high maintenance, and that she thinks it's time to quit it with the fairy tale stuff. Turning off the light, Jill curls up and goes to sleep. The book sits on her windowsill and the wind opens the pages to the very last few: The Sandman speaks and says that, "If she knew, she would've never gotten back in that bed again."
Kristen finishes her story, and suddenly The Midnight Society is a lot more enthusiastic about her book of fairy tales.