Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 1 Episode 5

The Tale of the Hungry Hounds

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 1992 on Nickelodeon
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Amy goes to visit her relatives and her cousin Pam discovers her aunt's old horse-riding jacket in the attic. When Pam puts on the jacket, she becomes possessed by the spirit of the dead aunt and must feed her hungry dogs in order to rest in peace.


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  • Totally insipid

    A story about a girl who is possessed by her aunt Dora or something. Totally worthless to watch. Ami and Pam seemed ok and I'm learning a lot especially about Hamlet. The family's packrats. Seriously. However that treasure box really caught my eye and was kind of well weird that a rat escaped and was able to claw a hole in. When Pam got possessed, it looked like Ami was going to leave her, but she followed her deep into the barn where this strange old man like Peter Kirlan the third from Captured Souls appeared. He was white as a ghost and was scary as ever. The hounds were definitely going to eat Ami but the fox saved her. Pam is back and gets her wish. Great story for Kristen.moreless
  • A Girl that can't ride gets possessed by her aunt.

    I was confused with this episode. I really didnt see the relationship between the dogs and the Horse rider. The girl's mother wouldnt let her ride horses so what does that have to do with her aunts death and hungry dogs. The dogs got the hunt, i dont get it. i give it a 5 outta 10.
  • This was the worst episode of the first season, its just okay not great.

    The Tale of the Hungry Hounds was kinda up and down for me. I don't know what to think because I was so disappointed. The storyline was really great, minus the hounds. I thought there was gonna be this big exciting conclusion but it just ended on such a low and boring note. The hounds just ran at Amy and then they just disappeared. This episode wasn't good but gladly the episodes before and after this were good enough for a lot of people to overlook it. I still can't get why the episode started on such a high note but just flopped in the last ten minutes. I still love the show a lot but this episode is below the show.moreless
  • I used to dislike this episode, but after watching it several times, I love it!!!

    This episode of Are you Afraid of the Dark is one of the best acted, creepiest, and most atmospheric episodes that was made. It's about a country girl Pam that is possessed by her dead aunt Dora's ghost, and Pam and her cousin Beth go to the past where Dora died. It is the most professional looking episode of the season, and I guess I didn't like it before because it's slower than most episodes, but it's a great one. Where younger kids (along with everybody else) would enjoy the other episodes this season, others a little older may enjoy this one.moreless
  • They did this one better later on, when it was called The Tale Of Locker 22.

    This story is pretty intriguing, but the execution was horrible. The acting was osme of the worst of the entire series, and the pace was excruciatingly slow. The premise was intelligent and the script wasn't horrible. Most of the dialougue could have felt real enough, if the actors had even the tiniest shred of talent. They must have been the nieces of the director or something, because whoever cast these people was stupid. The effects, although minimal were at least passable. The only problem with that though, is that the dog's were very not feroucious looking. They looked like they were playing a game of fetch. The ending was rushed, and some elements, like the horse riding, didn't make a whole lot of sense when compared to the rest of the story. Overall this episode was horrible, but it was pretty bad.moreless

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