Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 1 Episode 3

The Tale of the Lonely Ghost

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 29, 1992 on Nickelodeon

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  • Freaky

    Starting off, Amanda goes to Aunt Dotty's place for the summer. Her cousin Beth was like a hippy in the 90's. More like a bull in the china shop. Amanda was kind of preppy. I wondered why no one would buy the house next door. When Amanda and Beth are alone, Beth is just so controlling and tricks Amanda, who isn't dumb as she look. There is nothing wrong with Nanny either. Beth is just trying to scare Amanda. I knew that Beth wasn't going to let her in. She's rude especially to Nanny and that locket that she had was precious I knew it. The ghost in the mirror, Amanda had to scream. I would too. In the end, Beth got a taste of her own medicine. Ah, David is so sweet.
  • Not creepy but stereotypical

    Oh come on! I don't really think this episode was the best, but it was classic but not scary. A story has to be scary and the ghost? Come on you got to be kidding me. Amanda is so sweet and innocent and Beth is like so punky and bossy. Yeah there are two stereotypes. Aunt Dotty was very "I love Lucy." The house looks so dark and desserted, no wonder no one wanted to buy the house. Beth's friends are so like hippie-like and very vivid and punky for real. As for the HELP ME, Who's cleaning it all up?
  • Though unoriginal, it was still a decent episode.

    The Tale of the Lonely Ghost was slightly boring and barely held my attention. Not really one of the greatest episodes, but still a decent one to say the least. You can feel the girl's pain (I mean Amanda, not the ghost) and the pain of Nanny. This episode held many decent actors, but I wish the direction for the episode would have been better and the writing a bit more original. When the other girl becomes stuck in the mirror, it could have been a cool, two-part episode in which the second storyline covers what she encounters and how they got her out. Or, maybe, the little ghost could have been trapped in the mirror the whole time instead of being dead. A good episode, but rather boring and unoriginal.
  • Thsi episode is great.

    Amanda is sent to her cousin's Beth house as her parents had to travel to study stones. Beth & Amanda don't get along well. But Beth tells Amanda that if she wants to hang with her and her firends, she has to go through an initiation; A night alone in the house next door said to be haunted by a ghost. Beth also has a nanny who seems to have been driven crazy by the ghost next door. So Amanda begins the initiation. The ghost died in her bedroom and that's where Amanda had to go. In the ghost's room she saw writing on the wall, it said 'HELPME' backwards, and in the mirror, Amanda saw the ghost of the girl!
  • During the summer a girl is made to go spend her vacation with her Aunt in a northern town...only to find there is a strange ghost of a lonely girl haunting a certain home and an old lady who avoids it for reasons unknown.

    THEE best episode of "Are you Afraid of the Dark?" and certainly one of the scariest, this is what made the show great. It is surpringly one of the earliest episodes, though admittedly the first few seasons were the best. The concept was thrilling and the follow through with the plot gripping. The girl girl and her habit of writing "EMPLEH" all over the walls was terryfying for kids, I remember being scared out of my pants back then, so I'm surprised it was used in this children's show. What made the episode great was also how sad the whole story line was, a real tear jerker. Definetly a must watch of the series.
  • Scary...sad. Perfect.

    The little girl could not have gotten any scarier. With her just standing in that you...Er...! So creepy! I just wish I could've beaten up Beth! I hated her. Who couldn't've hated her? This episode might've seemed a bit boring at the beginning but it got me going as soon as I saw "HELP ME" on the wall. I knew something had done it but I hadn't even ever heard of this episode so I didn't have a clue that it was a creepy little demon ghost girl! Amanda did the right thing at the end. I still loved this episode!
  • one of the boring episodes really.

    This episode didnt really appeal to me. I found it quite boring, but it's one of the installments of the show so i was obligated to watch it. Nothing really happend in the episode. A girl finds a lonly ghost living next door. there wasnt much excitement in the episode but it was still a good one though. I give it a 3 outta 10 but thats my personal opinion about he episode.
  • One of those stories that you can never truly forget.

    Though I watched Are You Afraid of the Dark? faithfully as a child, my memory of most of the stories woven by the members of the Midnight Society is a little foggy to say the least.

    One thing is for certain, however: that I could never forget the image of a little girl trapped in a mirror, and the words EM PLEH scrawled over the walls of an otherwise empty room.

    I watched this episode again recently, having looked around a while for it, and I realized that I had forgotten most of the story (the girl coming to live with her nasty cousin who made her spend the night in the haunted house, the nanny who appeared to be a screw loose from the trauma of losing her little girl...etc) but the ghost girl trapped in her mirror-world, and the backwards scrawl on the walls proved to be just as chilling to me now as they were when I was little.

    Definitely one of my favourite episodes.
  • I never would have guessed how this episode turned.

    The Lonely Ghost was a great episode but it could have been better. The house next to Beth's is supposedly hunted with the spirit of a girl that died there years ago. Beth was a mean snob and she treated Amanda wrong. Amanda was gullible enough to take the offer and go into the house. The little girl she saw was really creepy and I don't know what I would do if I see something like that. The little girl wanted Amanda's help to reunite with her mother. Surprisingly her mother was the mysterious nanny. Oh and my favorite part was when Beth got locked in the mirror and was so scared. That was a hilarious moment. Gladly the mother and daughter was reunited and there was a happy ending. Oh and why would the mother stay so close to the place where her daughter died.
  • Creepy little girl, sad old woman, bookworm, and the popular bratty girl. What do you think will happen?

    This episode takes a well-worn formula and makes a fairly enjoyable episode out of it. Hampered only by some very flat acting, both by the adults and the kids, this episode really shines in the plotline area. The plot moved fast, and had plenty of creepy scenes, but it didn't leave out any character development. It was anything from boring, and the only problem was a few minor continuity errors in the script. The ending was all-but predictable to any one over the age of 10, but it still pulled it off pretty well. A good episode, but not a great one.
  • I watched this ep. on YouTube, great ep, had some sadness to it though. When they said "Nanny" I thought they meant grandmother, but no, the other kind.

    A girl named Amanda is spending the summer with her Aunt Dottie and cousin, Beth whom is a horse's butt. When they were telling the ghost story, the one girl said "maybe she was deaf" and Beth just yelled at her to shut up being the horse's butt I said she is. Actually, "deaf" is when you can't hear, "mute" is when you can't talk. Many parts involving the ghost and the misunderstood nanny were pretty sad. Like a little girl was killed by some homecidal bullies whom locked her in her own bedroom. Her spirit still haunts the house nextdoor. Also, how Beth was so horrible to the nanny & everyone in general, always yelling at her and saying terrible things about her. Says she's too old for a nanny, well she's immature enough to have one. Nanny was a nice old lady but was actually very sad because of some past things. The ending was sweet how Amanda reunited the little girl's ghost with her mother whom turned out to be Nanny and they got to live together happily once again in the mirror. Beth promises to Amanda & the others to be a better person and Amanda gets to have a fun summer.
  • A girl stays at her cousin\'s house for the summer. In order to join her cousin\'s group of friends, Amanda (the girl) must spend the night in the haunted house next door.

    I remember watching this show as a kid and this episode TERRIFIED me. It gave me nightmares and I was too afraid to watch the show--I couldn\'t even finish the episode! The idea of some poor little girl being trapped in a mirror, and the fact that her only way of communicating was by writing on the wall seriously scared me when I was younger. Eventually I got over my fear, but recently I watched the episode again and I still got goosebumps. Despite the cheesy plot lines and not so great acting, Are You Afraid of the Dark still kind of makes me want to turn on a nightlight before going to bed.
  • Amanda is staying with her aunt and her cousin Beth for the summer. Beth tells Amanda that for her to hang out with her friends, she must spend the night alone in the house next door that is supposedly haunted by a little girl who died years ago.

    I love this episode. It\'s one of my favorite\'s from Are You Afraid Of The Dark. The epsiode was pretty good. The storyline was sad at first, because when Beth mentions the rumored reason as to why the house is haunted, you see that the little girl died in her house while her mother was away, which is very sad. The episode wasn\'t really scary, but interesting. I didn\'t like how Amanda let Beth walk all over her, and I didn\'t get why Beth\'s group of friends listened to every thing she said, like when her friend went \"Maybe she was deaf\" and she yelled at her. The old lady was very misunderstood and I think that it wasn\'t right that Beth yelled at her all the time. But this is a very good ep, and it is worth watching.
  • This episode was about a girl who went to stay with her cousin. She goes to a creepy house nextdoor after a dare by her cousin and finds out a ghost lives there. She ends up bringing the nanny from her cousins house to the ghost.

    This episode wasn't scary, it was funny. First of all, did anyone else notice the aunt always fixing Amanda's clothes. That was soo funny. Amanda would always move it back. Then the cousin. Beth was extremely ugly. The things she said were so funny. Like when Amanda was going to talk to the aunt, Beth got pissed. And then Amanda gose to Beth's room and hits Beth with door. This episode was hilarious. When Beth was telling the story with Amanda and her friends, one of her friends goes, "Maybe she was deaf" LOL I did feel so bad when Beth would yell at the old lady. She was nice.
  • ~~Season 1 Episode 1st place Award~~ This is one of my favorite episodes made. (I only gave a 10 score to maybe 5 eps out of the 91, I'm guessing). I highly recommend watching this, this episode shows why AYAOTD was such a great series.

    ~~Season 1 Episode 1st place Award~~

    This is one of my favorite episodes made. (I only gave a 10 score to maybe 5 eps out of the 91, I'm guessing). I highly recommend watching this, this episode shows why AYAOTD was such a great series.
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