Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 7 Episode 12

The Tale of the Many Faces

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 04, 2000 on Nickelodeon
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The Tale of the Many Faces
Emma wants to be a model, but doesn't think she's pretty enough. She meets a strange woman, Madame Visage, who thinks Emma is absolutely beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that she wants to steal her face!

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  • Emma, a model, finds that while the photographer at her tryout may not think she's pretty enough, there is someone who does...and this mysterious woman may just take Emma's beauty for herself.moreless

    Great episode with a good moral message...just because your outer beauty is taken, it doesn't mean you've lost any true part of YOU. Madame Visage is wonderfully creepy, though it is odd that she would need so many faces to keep her young and alive...when one seems sufficient. Despite this minor plothole, this episode is one of the better ones of this season.
  • Emma wants to get into modeling, but she just can't cut the mustard compared to her pal Jessie. Emma's story does an about-face (ho ho ho!) when a talent scout introduces her to a strange theater matron named Madame Visage...moreless

    I've watched a few episodes with the next-gen Midnight Society, and I just can't find myself interested in them. Former squirt Tucker seems to have lost his personality with puberty, and the rest of them try their darndest to be the old crew (There's even another Not Sam!), but they lack chemistry. I know I'm not alone in this belief.

    Anywho, this one's about an aspiring model named Emma, who gets one-upped by her camera-mugging friend, Jessie, at a magazine covergirl audition. Emma doesn't think she's beautiful enough, but really, the reason she probably got looked over was (A) for some reason she opted not to wear makeup, and (B) she seems incapable of showing human emotion.

    Enter Madame Visage, a flamboyant theater mistress whose name translates as "Ms. Face." So yeah. She finds Emma absolutely gorgeous and offers her some magical makeup that ends up getting her the attention she deserves at the fashion mag. Furthermore, she wants Emma to be the lead in her play. Oh, and she wants her face, too. See? You knew she didn't have a name like that for nothin'.

    Turns out Madame Visage has stolen the faces of an entire sweatshop of girls, who are forced to make costumes for her plays. They don't all gang up on her because "she's too powerful." Her powers are kind of ill-defined, as are a few other things, such as how the girls see without pupils or speak with little more than slits for mouths. Basically, Visage tricks girls into putting on her magic foundation and then uses magic to magically store her victims' faces in a magical book (You might even call it...a FACEBOOK. Oh HO!).

    Jessie also shows up at Casa Visage and cements her place as probably the most useless supporting character this show has ever seen. All she does is run around looking puzzled and saying things like, "Okay, this is getting WEIRD." And Emma does a fine job of saving the day without her in the ultra-silly climax. This ep has the kind of silliness we've come to expect in this show, which makes it okay in my book (lolz). Le Snarkerie:

    [after Emma gets her face stolen and is a little too nonchalant about it]

    "No normal human being would react this way. She sounds about as upset as if she saw a dead dog on the highway."

    [as Lizzie is listing off the problems with not having a face: no one can tell you apart from others, you can't show emotion...]

    "You never see your family or friends ever again...but eh."

    [during the climax, when the faceless prisoners are rattling off their names, "My name is Lizzie! My name's Kayla! I'm Hilary!"]

    Jessie: "AND I'M USELESS!"moreless
  • A brilliant, scary, thought-provoking story that will have you glued from start to finish. Emma wants to be a model, and finds herself in a strange and terrifying new enviroment.

    You could easily see this as a rip off- of a previous story, "Tale of the mystical mirror.", but the fact remains that this surpasses its sister episode.

    This is great idea, an woman clinging so desperately to her youth she uses young girls faces, forcing them to live in eerie masks. The scne where Emma arrives and the masks girls surround her is done to perfection, and all actors do themselves proud.

    And anyone else thinks it serves as a metaphor for our image-obsessed society?

    It scared me so much, and it never resorts to pointless frights. It's an example that series seven was not all dross.moreless

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