Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 1 Episode 8

The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 1992 on Nickelodeon
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When a new family moves in next door to two youngsters, the kids can't get over their strange behavior. They notice that their new neighbors only come out at night and they always wear black. When several people start to get sick, they come to the conclusion that their new neighbors are vampires.


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  • Freaky and scary vampires

    Ugh, blood is one of my fears. I'm fearless, but these vampires go out in the light when it's broad daylight? They have ugh, blood in their fridge and freezers. It's so gross. The beginning was lame. Not really cool, and it made the mailman sick? It was strange. I don't like Betty Ann no offense. She's not good at telling stories at all. The family are so pale. The dream was scary and I don't know why Mr. Mitchell and everyone was sick. It was because a vampire bite. The girl is pretty smart. The ending was so lame.moreless
  • One of the best stories told by Betty Ann.

    This episode was very interesting and intriguing. New neighbors move in and they only come out at night. Emma assumed that they were vampires. They were kinda mysterious and I definitely wouldn't want them as neighbors. When I found out they were doctors I thought aww thats all. But it was a big unexpected twist when the little boy was actually their vampire master. The whole episode was exciting and it could've ended a little better but it was an excellent episode. It was a little funny too when they were scared because their mom invited the "vampires" in. I loved this episode, nuff said.moreless
  • A sister and brother suspect that their new neighbors may be vampires. Told by Betty Ann , eric teases her about her stories not being scary enough..

    this was the first episode of afraid of the dark and my FAV!!!!!!!!!!!.. after witnessing this truly excellant episode; i got hooked on this. 2 bad the rest of the eps i saw did not live up to the quality of this one.. day-day lol wat a name.... this show is very early 90's when the craze back then was horror .. the movie he watches at the start is night of the living dead(orginal).. CLASSIC....moreless
  • A new family moves in next door to a brother and sister. Strange happenings occur when everyone in the town begins to fall ill. The kids find out that their neighbors are vampires, and must stop them before it\'s too late!moreless

    This was one of my favorite episodes. I was only 2 when it first aired, but I saw the rerun when I was 6 and it freaked me out. I thought it was strange that it was the sister who came to the bro about the neighbors being vampires...usually it\'s the other way around. But no matter. Being 6 at the time, I had no idea that Lex was the head honcho partially because, well, I was 6, but also because I\'m usualy off in my own world. Anywho, the part that scared me the most (I had a hard time going to sleep because of it) was when the sister is sleeping in her bed and the father vampire comes into her room and tries to bite her. The thought still gives me shivers. In summation, I\'d say (like we Mainers/ New Engalnders do) this was WICKED AWESOME!moreless
  • Nothings perfect. But this tale of neighbourhood vampires is about as close as your going to get!

    Brilliant. Terrifying. Nerve-wracking. Creepy.

    Words that I didn't use after watching this episode. I did not use any words. I merely stood there, pale and shaking. That night, I lay awake, convinced that vampires would suck my blood as I slept.

    The plot is brilliantly simple. Two kids find that people in the town are becoming ill after their strange new neighbours arrive. There are a few more twists and turns along the way, which make you jump and exclaim with delight. The kids play second fiddle to the plot and the vampires, but that's not a bad thing. They just ride along the story with you, experiencing it all.

    The brilliant "that could be my town" idea is so effectively creepy and the atmosphere is just, wel...scary.

    An exemplary classic that the class of 2099 will view as "What kids telly you used to be like."moreless

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    • Betty Ann: (Story intro) Things are scarier at night, especially in my story. You can be scared during the day, but don't bother, becasue the real terror, never begins until night falls. Submitted for the approval of The Midnight Society -except for Eric -I call this story... The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors.

    • David: So she's gonna go over there in the middle of the night? Adios, Emma.
      Eric: But they might not be vampires.
      Kristen: Then why are all those people getting sick?
      Kiki: Yeah, it's like blood being sucked from their necks! I love it!

    • Betty Ann: With ghosts and ghouls, there are no rules, but a vampire's bite... only comes at night.

    • Dayday: What's with the black clothes?
      Emma: I think they look cool. Maybe they're artists. Or foreign diplomats.
      Dayday: Or maybe they got dressed in the dark and don't know they look stupid.

    • Dayday: They work at a hospital. That's why they have all the blood.
      Emma: And how was I supposed to know that?
      Dayday: (mocking Emma) "We better get them before they get us, Dayday! Ooh, I'm so scared!"
      Emma: All right, I made a mistake!
      Dayday: I'm never gonna let you forget this.

    • Emma: Look where these people came from. Here. Ukraine. That's right in the middle of all those creepy places--Romania, Bulgaria, TRANSYLVANIA. And what about all those people? They're all getting sick! Weak and pale, and they all have bandages on their necks! There's only one explanation.
      Dayday: And what's that?
      Emma: Our neighbors are vampires.
      Dayday: Ugh, I'm dreaming!

    • Emma: If you sit in front of the TV all day, you're going to turn into Dad.
      DayDay: Good, if that happens, I'll send you to your room.

    • Emma: We've got to get them... before they get us!

    • Mr. Braun: (to Lex) You've just been invited over by our new guests.
      Mrs. Braun: Oh, you were wise to come to this country. There is so much more fresh blood here.
      Mr. Braun: And nobody believes that the child could be a vampire!

    • Mrs. Braun: You were right, master, in coming to this country. So much more fresh blood!
      Mr. Braun: And no one would believe that a little boy could be a vampire!

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    • Mrs. Toll rushing out the door obviously being late for work, running into the mailman, and causing him to fall and drop all his mail is a reference to Dagwood Bumstead from the comic strip Blondie.

    • Night of the Living Dead

      During the first scene, Dayday can be seen watching the classic 1960s movie.