Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 1 Episode 12

The Tale of the Prom Queen

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 1992 on Nickelodeon

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  • A surprise ending

    I really was completely impressed by the story ending of this episode. I also never realized that the girl the two young men helped was the prom ghost all along. Well, it would seem that for the last thirty-six years, the ghost girl was unable to leave the cemetery and never found out why her prom date did not pick her up and she saw these two young men and decided they were going to be the ones to set her free and release her from the confines of the cemetery. They way I see it is that she was definitely grateful that they set her free. But her time had come to finally move on to the next life and who better to take her there then her prom date in a 1955 Chevy. This ending also impressed me the same way The Twilight Zone episode "Dream Lover" did.
  • Wonderful story and amazing ending

    I have watched about 8 episodes of Are you afraid of the dark.The Tale of prom queen is in my opinion the most touching episode in this series.The haunting feel remained hours after I watched the episode.

    The rare element of emotion which is at its zenith in tandem with the surprise ending was simply remarkable. On the whole this series achieves a lot merely on the strength of interesting plots and subtle horror.That too in the absence of any amount of gore or onscreen bloodshed. I wish I had watched them as a kid.Perhaps I would have had nostalgic memories now like those who had watched them long back ,in nickeledeon

  • A girl is killed and her ghost is back and better than ever

    I love Cemetery stories, they're like so scary but exciting to watch. I knew Dede was the prom queen, she seemed suspicious. And two guys helped and told her about the the prom night when a girl was killed for her date didn't pick her up in the fog. She couldn't leave unless someone brought her with them. The stories were very suspicious and that night at the lake, I thought that that something in the water was a fish devouring something. Then that prank that Champ played on everyone, was so hilarious and cleverly plotted too? In the end, Deedee was Judy and went off with her date leaving the guys alone.
  • Who knew that Dede was the prom queen. I would have never guessed.

    Last night, I watched it and was like at first I thought that Dede was going to end up with Greg, the nice guy. Then the legend of the Prom Queen scared me for buried in her prom dress? Everything didn't make sense at first until I saw the part of what was about to come out of the water. Wow and that "ghost" was like so fake and the light just scared the daylights out of me and Dede seemed pretty odd at first. I was thinking that she might help the prom queen out and solve it. I was wrong, she was indeed the prom queen and yeah, that's it. Great plot.
  • I never would have guessed that the girl was the prom queen.

    This was a very smart and interesting episode. It also played into a bit of urban legend which was really cool. A girl that died years ago keeps coming back to catch a ride that never comes for her prom. The water parts were creepier than anything. When it started bubbling I was at the edge of my seat, and the girl knew how to summon a spirit, that kinda made me suspicious. But to find out she was actually the girl that died in 1956 was extremely shocking. Oh and when the guy had his cousin come as the fake ghost, that was kinda funny. I liked how they make the episodes scary but manage to put some humor in it. This episode is classic. AYAOTD is the best.
  • Although many of the other episodes were great, this is definitely one of the best.

    This is a wonderful family show, from ages 1 to 100, that should be a model for all film makers. This one keeps you entertained and in suspense without the violence, gore and profanity that is so prevalent now. "Baby boomers" can relate to this episode since it shows great 1950s detail (especially the beautiful 1955 Chevy). Our entire family gathered together on Saturday nights to watch this series and we have many fond memories. The shows should be rerun again on Saturday nights so that family nights can return. The surprise and scenic ending makes this a hauntingly special and unforgettable episode.
  • this was the best show of the series. it even caused me to llok it up after i was done watching snick just to by it

    the story of teenage love was great in this ghost tale. so it had to be one of the best are you afraid of the dark ever aired. its ending was great as the two ghost drove away in the end to the song "in the still of the night" by the Satins.
  • This episode is about a girl who is actually a ghost looking for her prom date.

    This is a fine example of how creepy and surprising this show is. During the whole episode I thought the girl was just someone who was trying to find out about the Prom Ghost. But it actually turns out she is the ghost.

    Forgive me if this review is not detailed. I really liked this episode and it's been about 10 years since I've seen it.

    It's still great after all these years.