Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 1 Episode 12

The Tale of the Prom Queen

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 1992 on Nickelodeon

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  • Who knew that Dede was the prom queen. I would have never guessed.

    Last night, I watched it and was like at first I thought that Dede was going to end up with Greg, the nice guy. Then the legend of the Prom Queen scared me for buried in her prom dress? Everything didn't make sense at first until I saw the part of what was about to come out of the water. Wow and that "ghost" was like so fake and the light just scared the daylights out of me and Dede seemed pretty odd at first. I was thinking that she might help the prom queen out and solve it. I was wrong, she was indeed the prom queen and yeah, that's it. Great plot.
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