Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 3 Episode 11

The Tale of the Quicksilver

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Unknown on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Aaron is the older brother, Doug is the younger brother as they move into the house, their attitude is somewhat melancholy after moving from their home town. Aaron begins having dreams about a girl lighting candles and trying to ward off a ghastly figure with a piece of oak tied to silver. As it moves in, the girl turns to him and tells Aaron that she had done something wrong. She becomes trapped in the room as the candles light the draperies on fire. And as the room goes up in flames, Aaron wakes up. He soon discovers that under a loose floorboard in his wall, he finds the materials the girl was using in his dream as well as a yearbook. After their first day at school, Aaron spots someone who looks like the girl in his dreams, and shortly afterward, Doug begins to become sick with a fever. Aaron approaches Connie, the girl who is in his class and she says that the picture in the yearbook found in his room was that of her twin sister, Laura who had died in a fire not too long before. Convincing Connie that Laura was not crazy and that there may actually be something to fear she agrees to help recreate what Laura had started.

Meanwhile, Doug is greeted by a friendly ghostly presence which fills his water glass when he runs out and comforts him with a cool breeze. Then abruptly there is an invisible confrontation that scares Doug from his bed. He finds his brother and Connie and tells them that there are in fact two ghosts in the house, a good one, and a bad one. The good one, called Quicksilver is actually Laura, and the bad one which is a Poltergeist, is the one that had been responsible for her death. With Connie's help, they are able to summon the Poltergeist. Unable to ward him off with the Spoon tied to oak, it takes Doug. As the ghost reappears, Aaron realizes that the spoon is actually steel and the requirements are for an oak tied to silver. He takes his silver Captain's Wings necklace and ties it to the oak, he is able to keep the ghost at bay and summons the ghost into the amulet. Doug suddenly reappears and appears to be well again. As they wrap things up, Connie suddenly sees Laura appear they touch hands briefly before Laura vanishes, finally at peace.