Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 3 Episode 11

The Tale of the Quicksilver

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Unknown on Nickelodeon

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  • Unfinshed business takes place.

    A house that was built over a cemetery holds a spirit that lurks through the walls. Laura tried to get rid of it but then didn't succeed and died in a tragic fire. Now a new family moves in the door and strange things started to happen when Aaron met Connie, and then goes into a dream that he sees a girl whom he thought was connie but wasn't. He wakes up and his silver necklace leads him to a floorboard that reveals an old annual. It was Connie but it said Laura. Then suddenly the Zombie appeared. Screams come and then Aaron's brother gets sick. Then finally Connie decides to help out and finish what Laura started. The mistake was the Silver not used but then steel was used. The spirit was captured.
  • A young girl dies trying to rid herself and her home of a dark spirit. Years later, a new family moves into the home, only to find the creature waiting and the young girl waiting desperatly to help get rid of the creature so that she may finally rest.

    Clearly one of the best written episodes of the series. This one has always been my favorite. Ali did a wonderful job as Laura/Connie. The story itself was very well written. The story is very drawing and pulls you in as soon as you leave the campfire. The effects are fairly well done and the acting is better than average. The story, like many of the others, has a basis in legends and mysticism. This legend is more well known as a basic haunting and the show hits on this very well. It has similarities to the legends involving such haunted houses as the Amityville house and other well know homes. All in all, I give it a 9.6. There is always room for improvement in shows like these, but this episode doesn't need very much of it.
  • This episode could have been riddled with cliches and pointless scares. Could have. We actually have an absorbing tale of two brothers fighting against a terrifying poltergeist with the help of a good one.

    This episode could have been lacklusture. A "we moved into a scary house and now there's a ghost." yarn which would have sent most of us nodding off.
    This story is different. We have two ghosts, an evil one that's guaranteed to scare you, and a good one whose desperate to save the boys from her fate. We have a budding romance, feuding brothers and the difference between silver and steel.
    The plot istelf revolves around new-to-town brothers who find there house is haunted by a truly creepy ghost. The older brother discovers that another girl died there because of the ghost, which turns out to be his school chums dead twin sister.
    There's plenty of action and fun, even though the brothers could have been, well, a little less 2-D. Feuding brothers? We've got Gary and Tucker for that, thank you.
  • A family moves into a house where a young girl was killed in a fire while trying to get rid of an evil spirit. Now the two brother of the family are terrified by this ghost.

    I gotta tell ya, this episode is nerve-wracking because I used to get nervous thinking about that ghost in this episode. You might think it's a stupid reason but anyone who has seen this episode knows what I mean. The ghost is just scary, dark, demonic, and sort of looks like a zombie. It was real clever how at the last minute the boy thought of how to get rid of the ghost. The spoon was steel not silver.