Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 2 Episode 4

The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 10, 1993 on Nickelodeon
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Two siblings generally spend all their free time playing hockey on the 13th floor of their apartment building. One day the regular elevator operator disappears and they find that the floor is now being used by a company to manufacture toys and games. However, the toys that they're creating aren't exactly from this world.


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  • Thirteenth Floor

    A nice Twilight Zone like ending, even though we could all tell she was an alien. Good fun, not the best written episode, but a nice alien installment.
  • Again a really silly episode and I'm not scared at all.

    Still please, I've watched a lot of Scary movies as a young child and I am scared to watch them still. But The Thirteenth floor? No way. This episode was unoriginal unappealing and nothing scary about it. Usually you would see something scary, then you would scream to death and want to run away. These aliens look nothing scary. The set for the Thirteenth floor wasn't appealing for the color coordination was so wrong and wasn't jumping out of the page. The aliens and the childrens' clothes looked like 1940's. Come on. The ending wasn't freaky but I liked the plot.moreless
  • A brother and adopted sister go up to play street hockey on the previously vacant 13th floor. They find "The Toy Factory" has moved in and has invited the sister to test their toys. However, it isn't the toys that are going to be tested...moreless

    This episode is one of my favorites. As an 8 or 9 year old, I remember the scary images of the faceless aliens being very frightening. The storyline is fairly good, and so is the acting. You may remember Billy (Aaron Ashmore) as Jimmy Olson from Smallville. There are a couple of strange things in the show however. The props in the episode were a little bit hokey and simple. One of the actors runs into the control panel at one point and almost knocks it over. Also, for being a toy factory, there were very few toys and none of them should have been appealing to kids. Last nitpick: why did the aliens want the girl to come up through the ceiling in the chair? I didn't understand if the whole floor was a ship or not. However, still one of my favorites.moreless
  • A boy and his adopted sister like to play hockey on the 13th floor. But when they aren't alou up there and the girl gets an invitation to a toy factory, things start to change. She finds out she is an alien and the people on that floor want her.moreless

    This episode was really good. not only was it scary, it had a wonderful plot.I really liked how they portrayed the aliens in this episode. The first thing that creeped me out when I watched this episode was the elavator guy. He was tall but had a very soft voice. he also has really weird long hair. I thought the toy factory looked pretty cool inside. The lady looked creepy with that haristyle. I always got scared off this episode when they hide in the vent and that man opens it. I also got really scared when the television would turn on at night. This episode had a great ending. He turns and looks at his sister and she has no face.moreless
  • An adopted girl and her brother are playing floor hockey and she feels like she has no talent. Her parents (??) come back for her but she is scared of them because they are aliens and at the end you find out she is one too.moreless

    This episode is the reason I watched the show. 10 years later I still think about how amazing this episode was. It has stayed with me. Back when I was maybe 10 I'm sure this gave me nightmares, but I loved these kind of shows.

    Re-watching the episode made it really not seem as creepy as the shows I tend to watch now, however it did bring back some of the old feelings, of goosebumps I use to get from watching this show.

    It's too bad that this show came off the air. It really was quality programming for younger children.moreless

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