Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Season 4 Episode 13

The Tale of Train Magic

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 1995 on Nickelodeon

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  • Nice episode from start to end.

    This is one of the episodes from the series that have a good though sad ending to it. As the main character find out that the one of his model Train has a certain magic, you really wanted to find out how this episode will end. Especially when his closest friend is trapped inside!

    Although it might seem a bit long and repetitive throughout the episode,I really appreciated the acting and how they did not use that much special effects back then, being transported back in the time of that horrible accident and seeing how those characters acted was simply amusing.

    However the thing I loved the most was the fact that the train conductor nearly accomplishes his mission, but fails and has to pay for the rest of eternity walking those rails, it really made me feel pity on that poor soul.
  • A boy who becomes obsessed with trains after his father, a conductor, passed away recieves a magic model train that transports him to the ghost world of the ill-fated 713. Now, it's up to him to save himself before history repeats itself.

    Frank's last tale, this one is pretty mediocre. It's a unique ghost story about a ghostly conductor, who, himself, is haunted by his one mistake that lead his train to crash. He, for 80 years has had to relive the catastrophy that took his and his passenger's lives and has gotten tired of the guilt, wishing to pass on job as conductor to someone else. At least his last story didn't have anything to do with Dr. Vink, because, sometimes, the recurring roles get tiresome.