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Are You Being Served? is a British Sitcom that ran from 1972-1985. The show revolved around "Grace Brothers Department Store" and in particular the goings on within the "Gentlemen's Ready-To-Wear" and "Ladies' Separates and Underwear" Departments. A store reorganization forced these two departments to share floor space, and the conflicts that this created set the tone for most episodes. Are You Being Served? showcases a bygone period of time in which the class structure was still very much alive. There was a strict heirarchy within Grace Brothers. Everyone knew their "places" and remained in them, unless, of course, there was a chance for advancement and then it was every man and woman for themselves. A spin-off series of Are You Being Served? was released, called Grace and Favour. Although in the U.S, it was named Are You Being Served? Again!


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  • Trevor Bannister

    Trevor Bannister

    Mr James (Dick) Lucas 1972-1979

    Arthur Brough

    Arthur Brough

    Mr. Ernest Grainger (1972-1977)

    John Inman

    John Inman

    Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries (1972-1985)

    Nicholas Smith

    Nicholas Smith

    Mr. Cuthbert Rumbold (1972-1985)

    Arthur English

    Arthur English

    Mr. Beverley Harman (1976-1985)

    Larry Martyn

    Larry Martyn

    Mr. Mash (1972-1975)

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    • Yes, I'm Free!

      Believe it or not, I had never heard of this show until about a year ago. At first, I didn't like it, but it started to grow on me. The cast worked so well together. I can't imagine anyone else performing the characters. All I know is that whenever I watch it, I laugh. My favorites are Mrs Slocombe and Mr Humpries. They were naturals. No one can learn their abilities. If you've never watched it, it's on PBS ormoreless
    • They have served me well

      Remember this show? It never failed to amaze me what trouble they would get into, or how they would be able to get out of it! My favorite of course was Mrs. Slocombe and the talk of her pussy !! This show always puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh. Have both AYBS along with Grace & Favour. And of course the hard to find AYBS Movie. A must see for everyone. Good fairly clean fun for the whole family !!moreless
    • This is one of my top ten favorite Brit sitcoms lavish cast of characters and great comedic talent,what more could you ask for in a show.


      Are You Being Served? ran for 13 years on the BBC and found its American audience on PBS.

      Its patented mix of vibrant characters the stuffy Captain Peacock (Frank Thornton), the flamboyant Mr. Humphries (John Inman), the womanizing Mr. Lucas (Trevor Bannister), the dimwitted Mr. Grainger (Arthur Brough), the oblivious Mr. Rumbold (Nicholas Smith), the bubble headed Miss Brahms (Wendy Richard), the multi-coifed Mrs. Slocombe (Mollie Sugden), the unassuming Mr. Harman (Arthur English), the lecherous Young Mr. Grace (Harold Bennett) and screwball situations made the weekly visit to Grace Brothers department store an anticipatory treat.

      Part Benny Hill and part Oscar Wilde, the show continually found new ways to make us laugh at our own proclivities.moreless
    • Welcome to "Grace Brother's"

      Anybody who has never seen this sitcom should really watch it. The cast of characters is excellent. John Inman is the best. "Mr. Humphries" is one the first gay characters on tv. With an amusing cast of workers in the womens and mens departments at Grace Bros comes with it characters that have become stereotypes more than they poked fun at the original inspiration. The jokes, however repetitive, don't tire, they relax you. The fights between the two clothing departments (Men's and Women's) were hilarious. Humour is also taken from outrageous costumes, hilarious backfirings of schemes and devices. You can't say you don't love this show even after watching only one episode.moreless
    • Ask me if I'm free to watch an AYBS DVD, my answer: "IM FREE!"

      The very first time I watched this show, a friend had it on at his house. Strangely, not being a fan of Monty Python, I thought it would be a program that I wouldn't find funny.

      Boy was I wrong.

      The producers chose the perfect actors/actresses for their roles. Mrs. Slocumbe (Molly Sugden) is the British Lucille Ball, IMO. Mr. Humprhies (the late John Inman) the perfect cross dressing ginger fairy cakes (or is he?), etc. The scripts' humor were on the edge of obscene, yet at the same time, not. I made sure to acquire the whole series on DVD so that I may watch them at my leisure as many times as I want.

      Ask me if I'm free to watch an AYBS DVD, my answer: "IM FREE!"moreless

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