Are You Being Served?

Season 10 Episode 4

Gambling Fever

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Mar 11, 1985 on BBC

Episode Recap

Mr Harman shows the staff the new equipment installed to keep an eye on the customers, though most sales assistants find the closed circuit television system a waste of money. Why didn't Mr Grace rather invest in decent air conditioning? The recent hot weather has forced some of them to do some strange things. Captain Peacock walks around in shorts, Mr Spooner carries around a fan and Mrs Humphries does some moonlighting as an ice cream vendor. He arrives late for work as he got his cart hooked onto a car that went the other way.

The first good news of the day is that they are to receive their bonuses. It brings out the best in everyone; even the canteen manageress is nice to Peacock's people. When Mr Harman tells the others that Mr Grace is betting money on two horses, Mother's Boy and Inside Leg, they get interested. Why not bet their bonus money, money they never had before? Captain Peacock tries to contain himself as he suffers from a gambling problem. But when everybody bets all of their bonus money on the combination, Peacock gives in and does so too.

When the first race is run, Mr Rumbold leaves the store to visit the bank. It's an opportunity for the sales assistants to watch the race on the television set in his office. Rumbold catches them there before the race is over and sends them back to the floor. Moments later Mr Harman brings bad news. The jockey fell off Mother's Boy and they lost all of their money. It's a pity because Inside Leg can't lose. Harman suggests that each sales assistant pawn something valuable to get ten pounds which they can then bet on Inside Leg. It would earn them back their bonus. Luckily, he's an accredited pawnbroker and he gladly accepts their trade.

Nervous about the outcome of the race, the staff want to follow it live. Mr Humphries has an idea: he can take a walkie talkie to the Radio Department, listen to the race there and give a running commentary. A technical problem makes it impossible for Mr Humphries to transmit his commentary and so he acts out the race while the others watch him on the closed circuit television. Inside Leg wins the race.

With everyone getting back their bonus money all's well that ends well ... until they hear that Mr Grace is putting his money (actually Rumbold's bonus) on a horse in the next race: King of the Fairies. This could be a unique chance to win a lot of money ...