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  • Yes, I'm Free!

    Believe it or not, I had never heard of this show until about a year ago. At first, I didn't like it, but it started to grow on me. The cast worked so well together. I can't imagine anyone else performing the characters. All I know is that whenever I watch it, I laugh. My favorites are Mrs Slocombe and Mr Humpries. They were naturals. No one can learn their abilities. If you've never watched it, it's on PBS or
  • They have served me well

    Remember this show? It never failed to amaze me what trouble they would get into, or how they would be able to get out of it! My favorite of course was Mrs. Slocombe and the talk of her pussy !! This show always puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh. Have both AYBS along with Grace & Favour. And of course the hard to find AYBS Movie. A must see for everyone. Good fairly clean fun for the whole family !!
  • This is one of my top ten favorite Brit sitcoms lavish cast of characters and great comedic talent,what more could you ask for in a show.


    Are You Being Served? ran for 13 years on the BBC and found its American audience on PBS.

    Its patented mix of vibrant characters the stuffy Captain Peacock (Frank Thornton), the flamboyant Mr. Humphries (John Inman), the womanizing Mr. Lucas (Trevor Bannister), the dimwitted Mr. Grainger (Arthur Brough), the oblivious Mr. Rumbold (Nicholas Smith), the bubble headed Miss Brahms (Wendy Richard), the multi-coifed Mrs. Slocombe (Mollie Sugden), the unassuming Mr. Harman (Arthur English), the lecherous Young Mr. Grace (Harold Bennett) and screwball situations made the weekly visit to Grace Brothers department store an anticipatory treat.

    Part Benny Hill and part Oscar Wilde, the show continually found new ways to make us laugh at our own proclivities.

  • Welcome to "Grace Brother's"

    Anybody who has never seen this sitcom should really watch it. The cast of characters is excellent. John Inman is the best. "Mr. Humphries" is one the first gay characters on tv. With an amusing cast of workers in the womens and mens departments at Grace Bros comes with it characters that have become stereotypes more than they poked fun at the original inspiration. The jokes, however repetitive, don't tire, they relax you. The fights between the two clothing departments (Men's and Women's) were hilarious. Humour is also taken from outrageous costumes, hilarious backfirings of schemes and devices. You can't say you don't love this show even after watching only one episode.
  • Ask me if I'm free to watch an AYBS DVD, my answer: "IM FREE!"

    The very first time I watched this show, a friend had it on at his house. Strangely, not being a fan of Monty Python, I thought it would be a program that I wouldn't find funny.

    Boy was I wrong.

    The producers chose the perfect actors/actresses for their roles. Mrs. Slocumbe (Molly Sugden) is the British Lucille Ball, IMO. Mr. Humprhies (the late John Inman) the perfect cross dressing ginger fairy cakes (or is he?), etc. The scripts' humor were on the edge of obscene, yet at the same time, not. I made sure to acquire the whole series on DVD so that I may watch them at my leisure as many times as I want.

    Ask me if I'm free to watch an AYBS DVD, my answer: "IM FREE!"
  • Taking place in an old fashioned department store, the staff are very hilarious and I will always enjoy watching this show.

    This show takes place in a department store. The ladies and gentlemens apparell is on the same floor. the whole department is called Grace Brothers. The staff on that floor includes Mrs.Slocombe, Ms.Brahms, Mr.Humphries, Captain Peacock, Mr.Lucas, Mr.Spooner, Mr.Rumbold, Mr. Grainger, Young Mr.Grace, Old Mr.Grace, Mr.Tebbs, and Mr.Goldberg. I love all these characters because they are so hilarious and so are all the spots of trouble they get into and out of. I recomend this show to all who enjoy British Comedy and hilarious dialogue. This show is on at ten thirty p.m. usually PBS. It used to play on YTV but sadly they took it off because it wasn't liked enough, even though I loved it!
  • A BritCom without peer

    Are You Being Served is the British sitcom about the everyday doings of the staff & management of Grace Brothers, a London department store. The staff consists of stern (yet approachable) "Captain" Stephen Peacock, the floor walker (boss), Ernest Grainger (the doddering old fart), Wilberforce Humphries (the oh-so-friendly gay guy) & Dick Lucas (ladies' man/wiseguy). The women members are Mrs. Slocombe (the target of Lucas' insults) & Shirley Brahms (the pretty salesgal). There's also Cuthbert Rumbold, the manager of both Men's & Women's departments, Mr. Grace, the wizened, skirtchasing owner of the store & Mash, the vulgar dustman (maintenance man).

    The stories usually involve most of the staff in some comic misadventure (& sometimes an occasional musical number) that usually end in a happy ending or they wind up getting deeper into the mess they made.

    Later on in the series some cast changes were made, but the premise remains the same & it still remains 1 of the best BritComs ever made. I should know since i became a huge fan of the show back in 2000 when i first saw it on a Chicago PBS station.

    The comedy may not be to everyone's liking but as they say, "Don't worry, it'll ride up with wear".
  • A fantastic long running British comedy based on the hilarious disputes and daily goings ons at Grace Brother's department store.

    I have only been a fan of are you being served for a short time and although I had seen some of the episodes when I was much younger (probably early teens) I was too young to appreciate the comedy, but having remembered how I enjoyed watching some of the episodes I recently purchased the series 1 - 5 box set and series 6. Immediately I was hooked and I must of watched each episode 5 times or more!

    The first episode shows that the ladies and gentlemen's clothing department having to share the floor causing the first of many hilarious disputes between the members of staff. Each of the characters have this separate ways of making us laugh, there is Mr. Lucas cheeky comments, Mr. Humphries' effeminacy and Mr. Rumbold's misunderstandings. The hierarchy of the members of staff is very prominent and every knows their place but at the same time longing to advance up the ladder. "Shall I take over from you Mr. Humphries` while you take over from Mr. Grainger"! Although these disputes are the basis of the comedy a lot of the biggest laughs often come from the outrageous innuendo, most notably Mrs. Slocombe's p***y jokes!

    The most wonderful thing about the show is how you develop a warmth for each of the characters, I don't know if it is the fantastic writing, the superb acting but at times you can almost be convinced that you are watching a real department store. I have laughed and laughed at Are You Being Served Until My Whole Body aches! Anyone who has got even the slightest bit of a sense of humour surely cannot fail to be amused by this fantastic classic comedy. If you don't already own AYBS then why not! This should have pride of place in anyone's comedy collection! Thank you for reading my review " You've all done very well!"
  • "Are you free"?

    I grew up watching the re runs on PBS.
    This show is is still funny twenty years after it aired.
    Are You Being Served? Is one of my all time favorite comedy shows. The show follows the employees of a department store in England. There are many scuffles between the floor workers, and the janitors, misunderstandings, and unbelievable situations that will have you laughing so hard.
    Each worker has various characteristics that you will love or just love to hate.
    There is also a movie, which is actually pretty good and just as funny.
    In the movie we see the crew vacation together.
    This will always be a favorite of mine, it never gets old, regardless of the times.
  • Are you free??

    Classic Brittish comedy about a ladies and gentlemans department of a fictional department store, Grace Brothers.

    The show starts with the fact that the ladies department moves to the same floor as the gentlemans is.

    The opening tune is a classic in itself, to the sound of cash registers you hear the elevator lady saying:
    Ground floor perfumery,
    stationery and leather goods,
    wigs and haberdashery
    kitchenware and food...going up

    First floor telephones,
    gents ready-made suits,
    shirts, socks, ties, hats,
    underwear and shoes...going up

    Running gags are the confusion about the sexual preference of Mr Humphries (the late John Ingram), the apearance of Young Mr Grace (a man in his late nineties), Mrs locombs **** and Captain Peacocks military past.
  • Mr. Humphrie's are you free?

    This to me is easily the best sitcom dealing with retail ever. I'm not British but I loved the show and understood it as well.
    When I first started watching this show, way back when it was on WLIW constantly over here in NY, I never got enough of it and still don't.
    It had this tongue in cheek humor that used double entandre to make the jokes even more naughty and fun.
    The cast worked together like a well oiled machine.
    Mr. Humphries (RIP) and Mrs. Slocombe were easily the show stealers that had the back up cast to round them out.
    It ran for a very long time and I am glad to call my self a fan.
  • One of the all time greats!

    I hardly know where to start. I am sure everything I have to say about AYBS? has been said already, but here goes. I remember when I first saw this on PBS ages ago. I instantly liked the show and as I saw more episodes, my fondness grew. Everything about this show is great; the cast, the setting, the writing, etc. It was all great. I couldn't wait to see what zany things the staff of Grace Brothers would get them self into. Granted, some of the later episodes started to show a lack of creativity in the story line, but still funny none the less. The spin-off, Grace and Favour, although limited in its run, was good as well. Not as good, but still worth watching. I own all the dvds, including the movie and Grace and Favour and I love it all and will continue to watch them over and over.
  • This is one of my favorite shows!!! I'm Free!!!

    I discovered this show about 5 years ago. The first episode I ever saw was "Top Hat and Tails". I had flipped to the local PBS station, and there it was. Every Saturday night since has been filled with the hilarious antics of Mrs. Slocomb, Captain Peacock, Ms. Brahms, Mr. Humphries, Mr. Lucus, and Mr. Granger. Through the years, I watched as these loveable characters sold their hearts out, and had a good time along the way. I missed Mr. Granger when he left us, and laughed along with Mr. Humphries as he teetered on the edge of coming out, but never quite making the jump. I can watch the episode over and over, and never tire. I passed the love of this show on to my sister, and hope to do so for many more people.
  • One of the Best British Comedies!

    I started watching this show when I was in 8th grade, on PBS. From the first episode I watched, I was hooked! Mr Humphries is totally cool. I loved the way he answered the telephone "Mens wear" in his "deep" voice. And Mrs Slocombe and her constantly changing hair colour always make me smile. Even Capt. Peacock, with his stiff behaviour
    can make you laugh. I have watched many other Brit comedies, but this one is my favourite. When ever I have had a bad day, watching the antics of the Men's and Women's department staff can always make me forget about my worries. Makes me wish I could have co-workers like them!
  • This show tickles my innards.

    I really love this show. Use to watch it a lot more than I have lately, but this is definitely a classic and a must-watch show for anyone who enjoys British humor. :) "Are you free?" remains my favorite line, as I'm sure most would agree. John Inman as Mr Humphries is my favorite, the show could not be funny without him, he really is at the center of most of the best writing. Mollie Sugden as Mrs. Slocumbe is very close behind, I always thought that as long as those two actors remained with the show it would be hilarious. Once Trevor Bannister (Mr. Lucas) left the show, it started to go downhill. I was always disappointed with Mike Berry as Mr. Spooner - they tried to have him act as another Mr. Lucas and it just never worked.
    Regardless, this show will always be one of my favorites - I liked it so much I even watched it's sequel "Are You Being Served Again?", and I LIKED IT!!! ;)
  • british

    this is one of the only british comedies i ever liked. it came on pbs here in the states thoughout the nineties. those funny jokes about mrs slocomb's pu**y could some times leave you rolling on the floor. some of the sexual inuendo would have never made it past network censors here in america.
  • Perfect British comedy!

    You don't have to be British to love this show! The employees of Grace Brothers department store are more than just fellow collegues, their friends. Mrs. Slocombe is the supervisor for the ladies counter and Ms. Brahams is her assistant. Mrs. Slocombe seems to be a refined lady on the outside, but get her drinking or make her mad and you'll see a different side to her. She pines away for love and in more than one instance, she turns her attention to Mr. Humphreys. Ms. Brahams comes from the rougher side of London which is evident in her cockney accent. Capt. Peacock is the floor walker (manager) and has an eye for the ladies. He is forever risking his marriage by "...sailing to close to the wind". At the mens counter there is Mr. Granger (in the first half of the series), who is out of it, but lovable. Mr. Humphreys makes the show! The ambiguousness of Mr. Humphreys sex life is never revealed, only left for one to wonder. His catch phrase, "I'm free!" never gets old and the way he answers the telephone in a deep manly voice. He has a free lifestyle and the way he sees life altogether. Mr. Lucas is a pervert whos forever trying to get Ms. Brahams to submit to his will. He also has quick quips to get on Mrs. Slocombe's nerves, usually referring to her age or her weight. Mr. Rumbold is a bumbling idiot who runs the floor as their boss. Mr. Grace is a dirty old man who we love. Mr. Spooner replaces Mr. Lucas when he leaves the show in 1983. His character is kind of dry, I don't know if that's the way they wrote him, or it's just him. Bring these characters together and it's beautiful!
  • Are You Being Served, British comedy series from 1970's - 1983. Set in what was the Grace Bros Store. Set around the staff in the women and men clothing section. The humour was episodes were of top quality.

    I have been a fan of British comedy for ages and Are you being served is the best. I have seen the current comedies from Britain and not one of them gets any where near the humour of Mrs Slokam and Mr Humpheries. The dry sense of humour from Captain Peacock.

    Being an Aussie, we have comedy show, but nothing that comes up to standard as Are you beening served. The comedy from this show is so funny and well done. It must have been hard to keep a straight face during this excellent series. All I can say is WELL DONE BRITAIN. If I was asked to vote for my all time favourite comedy I would have no hestitation in giving my vote to this show.

    If they tried to make another Are you being served it wouldn't have the same feeling or the humour that was in the show in the 1970 and early 1980.
  • The crazy hijinx of the staff of the Men & Women's Apparel shop in the Grace Brothers Department Store. Characters included the pompous floorwalker, Capt. Peacock; the snooty Ladies' Dept. head, Mrs. Slocomb ; and the gender bending Men's Dept. worker,

    One of the true classics of British sitcoms. A classic workplace setting spiced with the right amount of humor, sex and lovable characters. Taking place in London at the fictional Grace Brothers Department Store in the Men and Women's Apparel Department, each situation was witty, racy and hilarious. For example, one of the best episodes is from Season 5 entitled "It Pays to Advertise." Within the episode, the staff is comissioned by Old Mr. Grace to come up with a commercial idea for the Men's and Women's Department. To save money, Mr. Grace asks the staff to appear in the commercial with Mr. Humphries directing the entire thing. In the commercial, Captain Peacock is David Niven-like man who comes into a bar (set up in the Department no less) and meets a femme fatale (Mrs. Slocomb!). Within this sequence comes some of the funniest lines and the most hilarious situations the cast has ever delievered. A lot of it has to do with timing and the writing. The writers are so clever and the cast seems so tight-knit that it works so well. This is one of many examples of the greatness of this classic British sitcom.
  • "Mister Lucas are you free?"

    One of those British shows that just truly could never be made in the States.

    What a wonderful cast on that show and some brilliant writing too.

    I enjoy Mrs. Slocum the most. It was fun watching each episode just to see what color her hair was going to be. Also, her stories about her pussy (that's a cat, of course) are just off the wall. I love the double entendres there!

    This was one of the British shows that ran a considerable amount of time, and was worth it!

    It's one of the few shows I wish never went off the air!
  • Another British Classic

    I can rememebr watching 'Are you being served' as a child on PBS and had a hard time understanding it but now as an adult, it is a classic which has not lost it's humor after all these (30+) years.

    The show had it's ups and downs. The cast was talented but I felt there far to many episodes which ended up in a song and dance. It also would have been nice if they maybe would have explained some of the cast changes.
    The first several seasons of this show were by far the best. The show really started to go down when Mr. Lucas departed and was replaced with Mr. Spooner.

    Are You Being Served is a classic show which is still worth watching to this today. Set your Tivos and enjoy watching this classic british comedy again (or maybe for the first time), you will not be disappointed.
  • British humor at its best!! Are you being served serves up the delicious;y subtle and icy humor that few can appreciate. From the big bloomers Mrs. Slocombe, to the slightly gay Mr. Humphries the characters in this show can never be matched.

    Though the storylines are a stretch and the physical humor is a little overdone, for a late night laugh, Are You Being Served? is a hilarious classic. One of the truly great moments of physical humor is when the staff places mannequin legs that kick on display in the lengerie department and Mr. Peacock winds up getting hit with it. If you want a comedy that doesn't require much thought to understand, but isn't dumbed down at the same time, this is the show for you. Though it is a bit dated to look at it, AYBS? has some of the most timeless gags around. Everyone should see it at least once.
  • You have all done very well!

    This long-running sitcom is set in the very old-fashioned Grace Brothers department store, owned by octagenarian Young Mr Grace (Harold Bennett). The programme deals with the working life of the staff of the Ladies' and Gent's Outfitting departments. Pompous Floorwalker, Captain Peacock (Frank Thornton), is in overall charge on the floor and Mr Rumbold (Nicholas Smith) is the not Manager. Gents' Outfitting is staffed by nearly retired Mr Grainger (Arthur Brough), a rather obvious Mr Humphries (John Inman) and sex-obsessed Mr Lucas (Trevor Bannister). Ladies' Outfitting is staffed by "left on the sheves" Mrs Slocombe (Mollie Sugden) whose Pussy (her cat!!) is her main concern, and the not too bright Miss Brahms (Wendy Richard).

    You will laugh, laugh, and laugh some more at this excellent series. It is innocent fun. The characters are stereotypes but just hilarious. The acting is superb. My favourite is Mollie Sugden in her role as Mrs Slocombe: "I am unanimous in this" in order to quote Mrs. Slocombe.

    I liked it years ago and I still like it today. It is one of these few comedies which one can still see when orginally released and years later. If you are free tonight, just watch it! You will just love it! And it does not ride up with wear (if you know what I mean) it just fits just right from the start.

  • Are You Being Served? is a classic British Comedy. It began in the 70's and still plays today.

    Are You Being Served? is a great show... I used to watch it as a child, even though I am about 20. My mom used to watch this show, along with other classics like Waiting for God, As Time Goes By, and Faulty Towers. In looking back over the series I have realized that I enjoy British comedy far better than American. Are You Being Served? even created a second series called Grace and Favour, which aired in the early 90's. I feel that both series should run till the end of time, showing that Great Britian can still make good comedy.
  • British series set in a department store where some ladies and gentlemens sales people have to share floor space. Hilarious.

    Hilarious Britcom that relies on the comedy genius of John Inman and Mollie Sugdon as the wonderful characters from Grace Brothers.

    Other actors support these characters but the success of this series depends on Mr. Humphries and Mrs. Slocombe. Their interaction with others and each other are what makes you laugh.

    There were some cast changes thoughout the series but it never worked better than with these two when supported by Wendy Richards (Miss Brahms), Trevor Bannister (Mr. Lucas) and Frank Thornton (Captain Peacock).

    This combination was always funny even when you knew pretty much where a conversation or a skit was going to go.

    I still enjoy watching this series on BBC America and my local PBS station.