Are You Being Served? - Season 2

BBC (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • Hoorah for the Holidays
    The Store's redecoration plans threaten to interfere in the staff's vacations. Everyone is now expected to take the same two weeks off and there's disagreements on how to handle it. Grace Brother's Tour Group Company offers some package deals, but they are far from First Class.
  • Big Brother
    Big Brother
    Episode 4
    There's trouble afoot at Grace Brothers! Someone's been lifting Mrs. Slocombe's skirts and putting their hands in Mr. Grainger's drawers. Shoplifting has struck the store and Mr. Rumbold installs a store detective and a video surveillance system. It goes off track for awhile, as Mr. Rumbold turns into a voyeur and the staff acts like they're on television. Ultimately, the staff decides to do in the scheme and preys on Mr. Rumbolds hypochondria to accomplish it.moreless
  • The Think Tank
    The Think Tank
    Episode 3
    Sales are falling once again and so Mr. Rumbold calls together a "think tank", a suggestion he "borrowed" from Captain Peacock. The staff decides that a fashion show would be the answer, but when Young Mr. Grace won't cough up the dough to hire proper models, the staff is forced to put on the show themselves.moreless
  • Cold Comfort
    Cold Comfort
    Episode 2
    A fuel shortage grips the country and Grace Brothers, so the store's furnaces are shut down for the day. The staff is freezing and soon developes unique ways to keep warm.
  • The Clock
    The Clock
    Episode 1
    It's Mr. Grainger's 37th anniversary at Grace Brothers and the Department hosts a celebration dinner for him. It's a time of happiness, and dread, for if he receives a cuckoo clock then it means he's to be retired.