Are You Being Served?

Season 10 Episode 5

The Night Club

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Mar 18, 1985 on BBC

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  • When Old Mr. Grace decides to allow the staff to use the store for after-hours money-making, they decide to open a nightclub. However, the advertising campaign has some rather unexpected results.

    This is really my all time favorite of the last season. It has all the elements that made "Are You Being Served" the genius show that it became through the years. Mrs. Slocombe in the movie theater is a priceless scene. First Captain Peacock invites the ladies to go out for sweets when a risque scene is apparently shown during the movie. Then you have Mr. Humphries dressed as a woman usher supposedly filling in for his mother. Candy Davis' expressions sitting next to Capt. Peacock also add to the mix. When the picture goes out and all we are left with is the sound, the episode takes a hilarious turn that the viewer can hardly recover laughing from. When Mollie Sugden's colored hair goes straight up as her character realizes the lines spoken during the filming of the commercial don't sound too innocent when done without sound, I could contain myself no longer and let loose with laughter I had gotten used to through the years. At the end when the Grace Bros. staff realizes that everything has gone awry and these rough men are wanting to visit their "club," they save the day by standing up and singing, "All Things Bright and Beautiful." Wish they made television like that again! MY FAVORITE!!
  • A one-joke show.

    You know this show was nearing the end when you see episodes like this. Apparently Jeremy Lloyd got the idea of double entendres in film dialogue if the picture falls away. So the ladies and gentlemen of Grace Brothers have to have a reason to make a film, which leads to the ridiculous idea of a nightclub in a department store. Realism was never an important issue for this show, but it's very hard to believe that clubbers would be allowed to walk around a deserted store at night. And why would the sales assistants hang around their workplace longer than necessary? Other examples of a lack of inspiration are the umpteenth cat joke for Mrs Slocombe (phoning the cat and reaching her neighbour) and putting Mr Humphries in drag for no good reason. (Why would Humphries have to impersonate his mother to help out at the cinema?)