Are You Hot?

ABC (ended 2003)


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  • Pathetic!

    In the show "Are You Hot?", sometimes reffered to as "Hot or Not", people are judged on their appearence. No matter how kind or mean they were, only looks matter. This show is an embarassment to society! I felt bad for one guy on this show. His teeth were not alligned correctly, so they made him open his mouth up and oom the camera in to show views, the sign flashed "NOT" and he was off. That was cruel! This is not hip, or cool. Avoid at all costs! Watch any other reality TV show instead as it is better. Thank God this catastrophy is off air!
  • Are You Hot? is simply a bad show. On many levels

    Just when we thought tv could not become anymore superficial - surprise! It does. This competition is solely based on one's appearance. Wow. What a fantastic message that is, eh? The only way to win is to be perfect. My goodness. It's a sick idea for a show and I really don't know how it made it on the air. The only reason it entertained me at all was the stupidity of it. It made me laughed. But unfortunatly for Are You Hot?, there are plently more television to entertain me and make me laugh. I won't be wasting my time watching that.