Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old?

Sunday 6:00 PM on Sky1 Premiered Oct 07, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Not real the whole show is pretty FAKE!

    Ok first ive got to get on the fact that these are not questions that a normal 10 year old would know because they wouldnt they just wouldnt ,if you go to a local school and ask a random 10 year old one of those impossible questions im pretty sure they wouldnt get it right. As far as french gose didnt they only just start teaching that in school less than a year ago. Now i dont really know how they teach in private schools but a average public school kid probly would only know a tinne winne bit of french.

    The gameshow is a good idea in total the whole you get help from kids and the 3 life thing is a good idea and so is the whole 'i am not smarter than a ten year old thing' but the contestants really dont care about it really you can tell it dose'nt embarres them and that is one of the main concepts of the gameshow its self anyway.

    THE END!!
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