Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Season 3 Episode 27

Episode 322

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 2009 on FOX

Episode Recap

Jeff Foxworthy introduces the fifth graders; Jenna, Bryce, Jonathan, Francesca and Olivia. The contestant is George Smoot III, a Nobel Prize winning Astrophysicist and he picks Jenna as his first helper.

Question #1 is worth $1000 in 1st Grade Earth Science: In the northern hemisphere, the month of April is in which of the four seasons? He answers spring, which is correct.

Question #2 is for $2000 in 2nd Grade Spelling: Which is the correct spelling of the word that means "a person who runs a school"? The choices are principal, principle or princepal. He answers principal, which is correct. He picks Jonathon to be the next class helper.

Question #3 is for $5,000 in 2nd Grade Animal Science: True or False: The porcupine is a type of rodent? He decides to Peek and Jonathon's answer id true. George believes the answer to be false and lock it in. He is incorrect and is Saved by Jonathon.

Question #4 is for $10,000 in 4th Grade Music: How many degrees are there in each angle of an equilateral triangle? He answers 60, which is correct. He picks Olivia as his next helper.

Question #5 is for $25,000 in 3rd Grade World Geography: Scandinavia is located on what continent? He answers Europe, which is correct.

Question #6 is for $50,000 in 4th Grade US History: This is a Classroom Club question. There are two US Presidents buried in Arlington National Cemetery. William Taft is one of them, who is the other? He answers John F. Kennedy, which is correct. He chooses Bryce as his next helper.

Question #7 is for $100,000 in 1st Grade Music: True or False: A conga is a type of musical instrumental in the percussion family? He answers true, which is correct.

Question #8 is for $175,000 in 3rd Grade Health: In the human body, the optic nerve sends signals from the eye to what other organ? George answers brain, which is correct. The next class helper is Francesca.

Question #9 is for $300,000 in 5th Grade Astronomy: What country was the first to put a human in space? He answer the Soviet Union, AKA Russia, which is correct.

Question #10 is for $500,000 in 5th Grade Vocabulary: What two-word phase, derived from Italian, is a musical term meaning to sing without accompaniment? George decides to copy and states he would have guessed acappella. Francesca answered acappella, which is correct.

Million Dollar Question: Jeff explains that he cannot use any helps and once he sees the question, he must answer it. He can know the topic: 5th Grade US Geography. George decides to go for it.

The question is What US state is home to Arcadia National Park? George is not sure but thinks it is Maine, which is correct. George Smoot III became only the second person to win the $1,000,000.
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