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  • good show but didn't last

    i thought it was a good show. people battling people across the room like game addicts do. i shouldn't be talking since i am a gamer but this was an alright show. now the network is full of crap shows like cops 2.0 and shows that have nothing to do with games. the games portion only lasts about six hours now. i always wondered what happened to this show. i haven't seen it in a very long time. i just found out that it was cancelled two years ago. what a bummer. they got rid of a good show and replaced it with crap shows.
  • As a gamer, I really, really like watching these kinds of things.

    I never seem to be there for local video game tournaments, E3, or other events that involve video games except for when it comes to getting a game on the day of it\'s official release date. What I want most is to play in a game tournament and stuff, but until then, I might as well watch some other people try to kill each other in video games we see everyday. Arena is just that. Although I don\'t watch it very much, it is still a good show. It\'ll only appear to those who like video games and such. Basically, two teams of four compete in a tournament consisting of 3 games. Winners move on to the next round and get a copy of the games that were played in the episode. The problem is that the episodes are only 30 minutes long, meaning that you\'ll get around 10-15 minutes of gaming footage due to commercials and interviews with the members of each team. Its not even close to be exciting as Lost or as intense as 24, but if you just like watching a super small video game tournament, I\'d suggest this.
  • A show about gaming. Ok cool-I'm a gamer.

    This show kind of disappointed me. When I learned what it was about I thought it would be cool. But then I learned it wasn't. The show goes really fast with the video-game footage-sometimes you even get lost.

    Also this show can be prety boring at times. I know it is trying to become the new "TV-game Show", but it should get more footage of the gaming, and probably work on it.

    This show is ok-just needs some fixing up. Though it does bother me of the fact that there is to much "Host" talk. I think the people should talk more-let more of what they think as they play the game. Get inside there.

    Definately a good idea-just needs tuning up to do.
  • It makes for great theater.

    Online multiplayer action is what is hot in the world of video games. No longer do you have to go to the arcade to hang with a few buddies, now you can compete with friends across the globe from the comfort of your own home. And while I'd much rather go online with my Xbox, this show does do one thing for me, it makes me laugh.

    Arena takes a LAN party and makes it a televised competative sport. I have to admit sometimes it gets boring watching these players. You put that many guys in one room playing games, there is some major trash talkin' going on. And the footage of them concentrating on the television sets isn't really that interesting, but then there's the play-by-play.

    Kevin Pereira's commentary in each episode is what makes the show. When he joined up, he tore things up. Sarcastic humor throw in with sports like announcing takes the boring edge off the show and makes it worth watching. I mean who really wants to watch a bunch of guys play video games without trash talk. (Granted I'm sure there are some things edited out of the show due to FCC regulations) Kevin inserts his own talk where the players don't. In all it's a fun show to watch, just for the humor in it all.